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Access Microsoft Teams from Everywhere While You Work from Anywhere

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Man working remotely with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has evolved into the productivity software we as workers were dreaming of just 5 short years ago. If I were to sit down and create a list of all the features and functionality included in today's Teams software it would rival The Great Gatsby novel's total word count. So, how does one go about writing and explaining all of these features to interested readers? They can't. There are too many to write about! Instead, My colleague Kersten Xilas and I have created The Microsoft Teams Experience. The Microsoft Teams Experience is a YouTube video series where Kersten and I will be explaining all things Microsoft Teams on a weekly basis. This video series will not only allow us to cover more ground in bringing you, the reader, more information, but it also allows us to write about a select few noteworthy features and functionality here on our blog. This week's topic is the different ways you can access Microsoft Teams.

Why is it important to have different accessibility options for Microsoft Teams?

In 2020 a shift of historic proportions began to take place globally due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses and employees were forced to adapt to a remote working style seemingly overnight and without having the proper software to work from home organizations suffered. Microsoft realized this and stepped in quickly to fill this void by offering Microsoft Teams for free. Instantly employees could collaborate through video chat, shared files, chat through text, and do a whole lot more to help keep their projects moving forward. It was a game changer for some organizations.

Fast forward 1 year later, we're still dealing with Covid-19 and it's variants but overall things are looking better. That being said, there are some new challenges businesses and employees face. Overall, employees seemed to like the option of working remotely and no longer want this as a perk of the job but as a new norm. According to Rani Molla, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely 5 days a month. This doesn't seem like a lot until you remember all of the essential businesses that were open during 2020. Remove these from the equation and this number would increase drastically. This is why it's more important than ever to be able to access Microsoft Teams from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams Access Options

Microsoft Teams has 3 different primary access points and they are the desktop client, web browser, and phone app. Each present a different way for you to work remotely and be able to retrieve your collaborations. See the quick breakdown below.

Microsoft Teams Desktop Client

  • Includes all features and functionality.

  • When to use: on your computer.

Microsoft Teams Web Browser

  • Contains most features and functionality.

  • Key feature missing: Background effects including Blur.

  • When to use: when using a computer that is not yours.

Microsoft Teams Phone/Tablet App

  • Cannot create a join code.

  • Cannot manage team member permissions.

  • Cannot add specific members to a specific channel.

  • Upload and organize files in the Files area.

  • Cannot do a meet now video from the Calendar area.

  • When to use: When unable to use your computer.

Take your business and employees capabilities to the next level with Microsoft Teams. Reach out to us to get started.

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