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Microsoft 365

Business Software Apps

Bring together the security and innovation of Windows 10 with the power and familiarity of Office 365 and streamlined management and maintenance capabilities built specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.

Microsoft 365

Includes Office Apps

Word, Excel, Power Point, & More.

Familiar Microsoft apps to start your day rights.

Email & Calendars


Interact with customers and colleagues through Outlook and Exchange

Calls, Chats & Meetings


Collaborate better through web chats, audio and video calls, and video conferencing in Microsoft Teams

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Storage in the Cloud


Store, access, and share files from anywhere with OneDrive. 

Increase productivity from anywhere with Microsoft 365

Protect against cyberthreats

Automate daily tasks

Manage customer & prospect appointments

Easy access with single sign-on

Secure hardware

Keep customer's information secure

Simplify the way work gets done
Safeguard the things that matter with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Business: Product Demo

Microsoft 365 Business: Product Demo

Interested in Microsoft 365 Business?

Phone and Tablet


Phone and Tablet

In The Cloud

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