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Microsoft Teams


The collaboration software of the future with nearly 100 million users.

Virtual Team Meeting

Transform workplace collaboration

  • Unify workplace collaboration into one digital hub where teams can meet, call, and chat.

  • Elevate remote productivity by streamlining business processes.

  • Empower your team by hosting 1:1 meetings, intimate group events, or larger virtual conferences.

  • Decrease expenses and keep your workforce safe by minimizing business
    travel in uncertain times

Stay protected with cost-effective security

  • Reduce costs and risks by consolidating to one platform.

  • Empower security teams to coordinate
    protection, detection, response and
    prevention with a single solution.

  • Ensure compliance and governance
    across the board.

Streamline connections across devices

  • Ensure a seamless, consistent experience with superior audio and video quality.

  • Connect with personal and shared room
    devices certified for Teams, including Microsoft Teams Rooms, Collaboration Bars, and Surface Hub2Shelp.

  • Integrate phone system/calling

Increase collaboration while working from anywhere, keeping your colleagues captivated, connected, and secure with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Phone Solutions for Seamless Communication and Enhanced Connectivity

Microsoft Teams Phone Features

Cloud Auto Attendants 

Cloud Call Queues 

Presence-based call routing

Integrated Dial Pad

Cloud Voicemail

Cloud Voicemail User Settings

Shared Line Appearance

Busy on Busy

Call Blocking

Media Bypass Support

Unassigned Number Routing

Increase ROI with Microsoft Teams

Teams helps companies improve access to information and free workers to focus on higher-value activities, thus reducing operating costs, accelerating time-to-market, and fostering more significant innovation.

Microsoft Teams ROI
Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that lets your team stay organized and have conversations all in one place. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use it. Within the Microsoft Teams app, the “Teams” icon will show you all of the teams that you’re a part of. Teams are made up of channels broken down by topic. Within each channel you can hold meetings, have team conversations, and share files. • To see all the files ever shared by the team, click the “Files” icon at the left of the screen. • To start a conversation with one or several members of your team, press the “Chat” button and type of the name of the people you want to reach. You can also make video and audio calls directly from chats. • In “Meetings” you can view your weekly schedule and easily create new meetings. • “Activity” will show you everything that has happened on your teams and all of your unread messages, replies, mentions and more. • To globally search for specific items or people app or take quick actions and launch apps use the command box at the top of the screen. Learn more about Microsoft Teams: Visit Microsoft training and learning center: ► Subscribe to Microsoft 365 on YouTube here: ► Follow us on social: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: ► For more about Microsoft 365, visit #Microsoft #MicrosoftTeams #Microsoft365

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Quick Start Guide

New to Microsoft Teams? Use this guide to learn the basics.

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