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Business Central for Distribution

Whether hosted on-premise or in the cloud, ERP distribution software can be a real challenge - distributors are often squeezed by a variety of market factors that are outside of their control. Tight margins and the high cost of excess inventory make cost control and efficiency critical. But at Solution Systems we believe the right technology can create new opportunities to increase operational efficiency across your business, fill orders faster, and reduce inventory and distribution costs.

Man and Woman at Warehouse Computer

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Distribution Software


As market competition continues to increase not just locally but worldwide, distributors face many technology hurdles they must clear in order to keep up with customer demand and the competition. It does not matter always who has the best product, it matters who has the best product that can make it to market the fastest. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central Process Management Capabilities for Distribution

Centralize information for easy access throughout your business

Automate manual procedures and balance workloads

Reduce rekeying of data

Improve replenishment decisions. Increases fill rates

Manage repackaging and remanufacturing activities

Inventory Management - Accurately forecast demand.

Make reliable promises to customers

Fulfill orders more quickly and accurately

Generate pick, put-away, movement, and physical inventory documents on the fly using hand-held devices

Balance inventory costs against fill rates and customer satisfaction levels

Streamline warehouse processes - WMS

Efficiently handle long lead-time items

Dynamics 365 Business Central Analysis & Business Intelligence

Get immediate feedback on business performance

Get a clear understanding of product profitability, seasonality, and trends

Gain negotiation power with suppliers. Identify new ways to add value

Quickly extract data with Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) services

Free & Quick ERP Assessment

If you are a SMB thinking about upgrading or purchasing an ERP solutions, take our free business software assessment and better understand your current needs.

Avoid Disruption with Distribution

Natural disaster, political unrest, economic collapses, and even the occasional economic surge. The volatility of our world is an everyday reality, regardless of who you are.

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