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Technology Background


We make IT happen the way IT should be.

Industry services for every budget.

Hardware Installation and Maintenance


Maintenance of your IT infrastructure can be challenging, and lack of response to errors can lead to missed service levels and have an impact on productivity and revenue. Problem diagnosis and repair can be challenging. It is important for your business to avoid outages and downtime that can result in lost revenue and productivity.

Microsoft Business Software Solutions Data Migration


As part of an Microsoft 365 deployment you can migrate the contents of user mailboxes from a source email system to Office 365. 

Firewall Design & VPN Set Up


Your network’s security is a very important component to keep your company safe from security threats that want to enter into your system. Confidential documents and data are at risk of a security threat through not just your desktops and servers but through your mobile devices and tablets as well. Solution System will evaluate your network and develop the proper VPN (Virtual Private Network) and firewall to safeguard you from future threats.

Computer Maintenance


Solution Systems is your source for repair on a huge variety of computer equipment. With hardware technicians available for on-site repair and a service center with extended hours, getting your computer equipment serviced by Solution Systems can be a very satisfying experience. Our technicians have provided award-winning service based on customer satisfaction.

Microsoft SharePoint


Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier for people to work together. Solution Systems is experienced in implementing SharePoint for customers who need to set up web spaces when colleagues can share information with each other, manage documents from start to finish and publish reports so that everyone can make better decisions. Visit our SharePoint page for more information.

Remote Access


Have you ever found yourself wanting to work from home but not able to connect on the company LAN (local area network)? Solution Systems can provide you the ability to do business just like you are in the office anywhere you want to be. Have customer data when you need it. We can give you full LAN access on your home desktop or laptop, your mobile smart phone, and/or tablet device.

Software Updates and Patch Management


Streamline the process of implementing critical updates and patches across systems, ensuring enhanced security, stability, and performance for businesses while minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

Server Consolidation & Virtualization


We have helped customers do everything from installing and upgrading servers to setting servers up for remote access, to creating a virtualized environment that will consolidate servers. Our goal is to make your life easier and to consolidate all of the different servers and applications under one location. Simplifying your IT system will help you cut down on future unnecessary hardware costs while becoming smarter and more efficient with your IT decisions in the future.

Virus & Spyware Protection & Removal


Viruses if left undetected can present significant and damaging effects to your computer system. Virus detection and removal is a service we provide; however, taking the proper preventative measures is the key to maintaining a healthy computer system for the lifetime of your computer. We provide virus protection services that will keep your computer safe from malicious programs in the future.

Help Desk


We offer comprehensive and proactive support, managing all aspects of IT assistance, from troubleshooting to system maintenance, to optimize efficiency and minimize disruptions for your business.

Cybersecurity Solutions


We deliver proactive monitoring, threat detection, and incident response to safeguard your business against cyber threats, ensuring robust protection of digital assets and sensitive data. 

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Disaster Recovery


Providing comprehensive planning, implementation, and monitoring to ensure swift recovery of critical data and systems in the event of unforeseen disasters, minimizing downtime and preserving business continuity. 


8 Reasons to Partner with Solution Systems, Inc. 

Expertise & Specialization

  • We have specialized skills and expertise in various technologies and IT domains.

  • Access to a diverse team with a range of skills allows businesses to tap into specific knowledge areas without the need for in-house training.

Back Up Planning

Proactive planning, real-time monitoring, and rapid response protocols to ensure seamless recovery of data and systems in the face of unexpected disruption, safeguarding your business continuity and minimizing downtime. 

Email & Spam Filtering


We employ advanced software and filtering techniques to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks and malware infiltration, ensuring secure communication channels and optimal productivity for your business. 

Project Management


Expert coordination and oversight for relocations, expansions, and various projects, ensuring seamless execution, timely delivery, and optimal utilization of resources to meet the evolving needs of your business effeciently. 


Management and optimization of digital infrastructure, including servers, networks, and cloud resources, ensuring reliability, scalability, and security to support the evolving needs of businesses effectively. 


Expert oversight, optimization, and maintenance of networking infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity, efficient data transfer, and robust security measures to support the smooth operation of your digital ecosystem.

Azure Cloud Services

A comprehensive suite of scalable and flexible computing resources, offered by Microsoft, to empower businesses with secure and reliable solutions for hosting, managing, and deploying applications and data.

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In-house vs Outsourced IT Services

The Future of Cloud Computing in 2027: From Technology to Business Innovation

By 2027, the perception of the cloud will evolve from being merely a technology platform to becoming the primary catalyst for business innovation, driving competitive operations and customer experiences. Cloud computing will underpin various technological advancements, such as AI, IoT, edge computing, and real-time situational awareness, shaping the future of digital organizations.

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