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Supply Chain Software

Business Central's Supply Chain Management synchronizes supply and demand to create proper flow of inventory, while offering more visibility and better insights.

Inventory Checking

​Optimize Your Inventory

Built in Business Intelligence utilizes historical data such as stock out information and past sales to track trends and identify problematic areas with your inventory management. Ultimately allowing the software to predict when inventory is ready to replenish, what inventory needs to be replenished, and when demand is likely to increase or decrease.

  • Define the same or different costing methods for your inventory products.

  • Move items between different warehouse locations. Business Central generates recommendations to make best use of space and pickup processes.

  • Straightforward supplier experience. Register, process inquires, and easily convert offers to orders. 

  • Improve storage facilities. Set up bins and specify warehouse zones, mapping each rack and shelf, ultimately improving item placement from their type, size, and capacity of bins. 

  • Reduce cross-docking with Business Central through increased processing of shipments. 

  • Real-time data on each item's bin, zone, and quantity. 

Increase Profitability

Business Central's Supply Chain Management module's built in business intelligence alerts you as to when to pay vendors. Ultimately, increasing your discount capture rate, improving relationships with suppliers, and avoiding unnecessary penalties of interest.

Business Central's Supply Chain Management Provides a Total View of your Warehouse

Your warehouse in Business Central, is shown in a holistic view as a single warehouse. This helps and aids with the processing and delivery of orders to customers. With proper setup of locations and dimensions of the storage unit you can track all transactions and movements of goods.

Common SCM Problems Solved with Efficient Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory loss.

    • Review aged inventory and sort inventory to locate items that are no longer acceptable for sales or unable to count in sales. ​

  • Insights into your inventory.

  • Keeping stock replenished.

    • Business Central is able to identify top-selling items as well as find the vendor lead time.​

Managing Inventory & Choosing PVC Pipes

Business Central's Supply Chain Management Module Functionality

Alternative Order Addresses

Alternative Ship-To Addresses

Alternative Vendors

Assembly Management

Basic Inventory

Basic Payables

Basic Receivables



Cycle Counting

Document Capture

Drop Shipments


Item Attributes

Item Budgets

Item Categories

Item Charges

Item Cross References

Item Subscription

Item Tracking

Location Transfers

Multiple Locations

Nonstock Items

Order Promising


Purchase Invoicing

Purchase Invoice Discounts

Purchase Line Discounts

Purchase Line Pricing

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Return Order Management

Requisition Management

Sales Invoice Discounts

Sales Invoicing

Sales Line Pricing

Sales Order Management

Salespeople / Purchasers

Sales Return Order Management

Sales Tax/VAT*

Shipping Agents

Standard Cost Worksheet

Stock Keeping Units

Vendor Catalogue Items


*Depending on county of development.

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