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Tech Background

Company Overview

Established in 1979, Solution Systems, Inc. (SSI) is a pioneering force in delivering comprehensive business solutions for over four decades. As a Tier 1 Direct Microsoft Partner, SSI leads the industry, supporting a daily user base exceeding 3000 and earning the distinction of being the first to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central worldwide. Specializing in business management solutions and IT Infrastructure systems, SSI serves diverse sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, and services, both in non-government and government domains.

Recognized as a Microsoft Gold Partner, SSI showcases unparalleled competence in Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Azure, and Power BI. 

Cutting Edge Technology

Our mission is to strive to empower businesses through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, driving operational efficiency and delivering expert guidance.

Solution Systems, Inc. | 847-590-3000 | ERP Specialists
  • Our Culture

  • Several President's Club awards for Microsoft Dynamics

  • Consultants have multiple Microsoft Certifications and either a Bachelors or Masters degree

  • Proven history of over 40 years in the ERP and CRM implementation industry

  • Headquarters houses a state-of-the-art training facility

  • Implementation methodology includes Microsoft Sure Step

  • Full service support and IT Infrastructure departments

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We pride ourselves on the many long standing partnerships we have built with our clients. SSI’s proven track record is built on our ability to maintain a high standard for talent and to retain an experienced staff that knows the ins-and-outs of our client’s business needs as they continue to change and evolve. 

We help our clients with their business problems every single day, by leveraging the best of what our products and technical support can do to make their business run faster, smarter and more efficiently. The value that we produce commands the loyalty that we maintain with our clients, and as organization our history has been successfully built on those business practices.

Products We Specialize In

Why work at Solution Systems, Inc.? 

Joining Solution Systems, Inc. means being part of a dynamic team at the forefront of technology, where innovation and expertise converge to drive transformative solutions. Experience a workplace that values personal growth, fosters a collaborative environment, and offers the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge projects in the ever-evolving realm of Microsoft technologies.

Software Implementation and Support
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