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Rental Management CRM & ERP Software

Put your equipment rental business on the fast track with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from Solution Systems, a system tailored to handle the unique requirements of your business and give you a competitive edge.

Rental Management ERP & CRM Software | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Whether answering a customer's question, completing a rental order or sale, checking the availability of an asset or scheduling maintenance, Microsoft Business Solutions save you time by simplifying the process. It brings all the disconnected areas of your business together and consolidates them on one common platform.  Investing in a single system eliminates multiple points of data entry as information is shared across one database. ​

Rental Management ERP & CRM Software | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Three Reasons Why Business Central for the Equipment Rental Industry


1.  Competing rental solutions are not always capable of handling every aspect of a rental organization and rely on importing and exporting data to other systems. Microsoft Business Central provides a complete Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and equipment rental solution with a single database to keep operations simple. 

2.  The familiar Microsoft environment allows for rapid user adoption as users will find it similar to other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Excel or Outlook. Rapid adoption reduces training and support requirements. Users will also be able to tailor their user experience with customizable dashboards.

3.  Secure investment in Microsoft technology ensures your systems will be able to keep pace as technology changes. Microsoft invests tens of millions every year into research and development--more than some competing rental software companies can hope to earn. 

Rental Management ERP software needs to be robust with features, flexible, and powerful enough to handle day to day processes. Microsoft Business Central has the ability to provide the following functionality


  • Order Tracking

  • Credit Card Payments

  • Custom Labels

  • Unlimited Users

  • PayPal Integration

  • Unlimited Locations

  • Mobile Friendly Experience

  • Invoice Management

  • Unlimited Imagination

  • Excel Import & Export

  • Reports and Analytics

  • Cloud, Hybrid-cloud, or On-premise

  • Customized Views

  • Custom Reports with Power BI Integration

  • Route Management

  • Custom Fields

  • Services and Maintenance

  • Inventory Management

  • Manage Vendors

  • Revenue Tracking

  • Customer Management

  • Notifications

Rental Management ERP & CRM Software | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can finally access the information your company needs in a real-time environment. A rental management system powered by Business Central will improve invoice accuracy and reduce time to bill. With a more efficient invoicing system, you will receive payments faster and benefit from improved cash flow. No more switching between systems. Enter rental orders, invoice customers, pay bills, process payroll, run operational reports, and organize contacts, all from one system. An integrated solution improves your workflow processes to enable you to rent more, bill faster, and earn more.

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Keep Your Rental Business Going and Growing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Solutions grow with you.

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