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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade Services

The next generation of ERP software has arrived. Upgrading to Business Central offers features and benefits never before seen in a business management software. 

Is it time? Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Solution Systems was the first in the world to implement Business Central

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Business Central ERP Software


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Before You Upgrade to Business Central - Qualify Your Microsoft Partner

Founded in 1979 as a publisher of distribution and manufacturing software, Solution Systems became certified as a Navision partner in 1999 and since then, the entire organization has been dedicated to the implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central. Over the years, Solution Systems has completed countless upgrades for many existing NAV clients. Our extensive experience with managing complex upgrades allows us to provide upgrade options and solutions that other partners may not have the experience or resources to complete.

We specialize in upgrading existing customer from any version of Navision, Dynamics NAV, or Business Central to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (online or on-premise). ​

What does being a gold Microsoft partner mean? Being a gold Microsoft partner means that we have achieved the highest standards possible within the widely-recognized Microsoft partnership program, and because of this we have been awarded the privilege to work closely and directly with Microsoft.

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Upgrade Advisory Consulting related to all factors and considerations such a review of all upgrade options available, licensing, infrastructure planning, and timeline planning.

Upgrade Services Provided

Technical database upgrade services including migration of existing data and customizations.

Analysis and recommendations for upgrading Third Party Add-on Solutions and/or existing customizations.

Re-engineering of existing customizations and/or integrations.

Business Intelligence and Reporting consulting and guidance.

Upgrade Deployment execution and post-deployment end-user support.


“I know this won’t come as a shock to you, but I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job everyone at SSI did to make the cutover to BC go as smoothly as possible. We never missed a beat and for the majority of our users, this upgrade was a nonevent. I know that this topic was brought up at our quarterly Board of Directors meeting today and I was told they were all highly impressed from start to finish with how everything went."

Jim Gio, Director Management Information Systems, Triangle Package Machinery Company

Experience Matters

Solution Systems has significant experience with upgrades from Navision 2.60 to Business Central Online. Why is this significant? It's significant because no two Dynamics NAV or Business Central environments are alike and each upgrade project requires its own upgrade plan. You've more than likely explored a Traditional Upgrade and/or a full Re-implementation Upgrade, but have you considered a Hybrid Upgrade? Many factors go into determining which option is best for your organization, and our job is to ensure that you are aware of all options to assist you with making this crucial decision.


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Business Central Online vs On Premise

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“In such a short time, we made very good progress in all relevant areas with Megan, Brooke and Obaid. So it was the right decision to change our implementation partner."

Andreas, Zimmermann Dynayarn USA, LLC


Business Central Upgrade Paths

With the recent changes to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central development and deployment environments, the Business Central App market, and integration with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, Power BI, and Azure Services, organizations now have many more factors than ever to consider when upgrading from a previous version of Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Traditional Business Central Upgrade

​In the traditional upgrade path, all customizations and data are upgraded from the original version of NAV to the latest version of Business Central. While this path has historically been the majority of all upgrades completed, due to the various factors listed above, the two additional paths below are becoming more and more common. This option is recommended where there are a modest number of add-on solutions and/or customizations in the database and there have been no major business process changes since the system was originally implemented.

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Re-deployment Upgrade

In the re-deployment upgrade path, no software purchase is required if the client is active on the Microsoft Dynamics Enhancement Plan, but this project is otherwise handled as a new implementation where all decisions on system setups and process workflows are re-considered. This option is recommended when significant changes are required to either the existing data, the use of Apps, or the level of customizations in the database.

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Hybrid Upgrade

In a hybrid upgrade path, the traditional and re-deployment paths are combined to provide a streamlined re-implementation where the majority of the setup/master data is upgraded as well as limited historical records, and customizations and Apps are all evaluated to determine which ones are required in the new Business Central environment. This option is recommended when changes are being made to which Apps or which customizations are required in the new environment or where new process workflows are required, but where the existing setup and master data will be used in the new environment.


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