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Make Solution Systems your Cloud Solutions Provider

Thank you for selecting Solution Systems, Inc. as your new Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP). This step grants us access to support you with cloud solutions like Business Central and Microsoft 365.


  • Simplified invoicing from a single partner

  • Expert guidance for navigating the Cloud

  • License audits and optimization

  • Comprehensive support options

  • Access to our Support team

When you establish Solution Systems as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, it allows us to facilitate purchasing and provide administrative support. Your existing subscriptions and terms remain unchanged, and you can revoke this permission at any time.  Please review the Microsoft Customer Agreement for full terms, and expect an email from Microsoft confirming receipt!

How to Make Solution Systems, Inc. Your CSP


Step 1: Access the Microsoft Admin Center

To designate Solution Systems, Inc. as your Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), follow these steps in your Microsoft Admin Center. Please ensure you have your Global Admin credentials for Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Step 2: Accept and Authorize Solution Systems, Inc.

Click the checkbox and accept button. This action does not modify your existing subscriptions or their terms. Look for Solution Systems, Inc. listed as your partner in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Step 3: Contact Our Support Team

After accepting Solution Systems, Inc. as your CSP, contact to confirm partner acceptance. Once we've become your CSP partner we'll work with  you to make sure your licenses are managed under our administration. 

IMPORTANT: Do not cancel your previous subscriptions associated with your business until after contacting Solution Systems, Inc.

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"Solution Systems has consistently delivered outstanding service, exceeding our expectations with seamless integration and unparalleled support for our cloud solutions."
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