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Some of the main challenges faced by employers when employees work from home

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

What are the challenges faced by employers when employees want to work from home? Here's a short video explaining some of them.

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YouTube Transcript

00:14 Steven and Michael Beck yet again for

00:17 another Tech Talk Thursday this Tech

00:21 Talk would be talking about something

00:23 that a lot of people wonder about it is

00:24 basically what are some of the

00:25 challenges faced by an IT department

00:27 when employees want to work from home I

00:30 would assume the main challenge is

00:32 security based issues meeting I don't

00:35 know logging in through unsecured

00:37 networks or whatnot yes there's some

00:40 yeah there's some concerns in that

00:41 regard Steven here is in the IT

00:43 department so what are some of the

00:45 issues all right so one of the control

00:48 of the current CERN's we have is

00:50 specifically if you're in most of the

00:53 cases people are working from home and

00:55 from their home network they're

00:57 connecting into our network to access

00:58 resources and things like that so one of

01:01 the things we always want is even if

01:03 it's not work computer we would want a

01:06 antivirus software on that computer

01:08 because if you can access through the

01:11 VPN tunnel if you can access network

01:13 resources you know viruses other other

01:17 malware then can also get access to

01:20 those resources so you want to secure

01:21 your endpoints even if it's a personal

01:24 computer we'd wanted to be unlock

01:27 additionally some of the other concerns

01:31 you have is what if the VPN tunnel is

01:33 down so you do have some concerns for IT

01:37 departments say hey one of our ISP is

01:40 down you know what the VPN tunnels down

01:43 you can't access these resources until

01:44 you know the network outage or the

01:48 outage is fixed so I mean in those cases

01:51 if you're still inside you can access

01:53 many of those resources if you're

01:55 physically here so if there's basically

01:56 no VPN tunnel it's really probably

01:59 difficult to work from home in excess

02:00 yeah it depends it depends like for

02:03 example you can access if you have

02:05 office 365 - you can still access things

02:08 through the office 365 web portal those

02:11 are accessible anywhere you can access

02:14 your power bi stuff you it all depends

02:17 on

02:17 what kind of environment you have do you

02:19 have everything in the cloud like

02:21 business central or do you have

02:22 everything internally like Network

02:24 shares certain printers those things

02:27 like that

02:28 so nice so would you recommend people

02:32 working from home then well personally I

02:35 love it so why yes but we also have a

02:40 secondary VPN tunnel in case one of our

02:42 ISPs goes down so and that's that's

02:45 happened sometimes and it's just you

02:47 know what you have to deal with we have

02:49 some clients who have those two VPN

02:50 tunnels and then when that happens they

02:52 just go to the secondary tunnel and then

02:54 proceed as normal so you also have to

02:56 make sure that your VPN tunnels you have

02:59 enough licenses to allow so many

03:01 concurrent users at a time right also

03:04 with some sophisticated VPN tunnels make

03:07 sure when you're done working for at the

03:10 end of the day you shut off your VPN

03:12 tunnel some of if you keep connected

03:15 there's some there's some firewalls and

03:19 tunnels like that that will log all of

03:21 your activity web browsing so if you're

03:23 doing something leisurely make sure your

03:27 tunnels disconnected and VPN licensing

03:29 in general is not really to expensive

03:31 depending on the type of firewall and

03:34 the security software you use I think

03:37 for example certain firewalls you can

03:40 you only have to pay 50 dollars per

03:41 extra license you want for concurrent

03:44 access for the year for ever a permit

03:47 life so so some of them are really nice

03:49 some will charge you you know an arm and

03:51 a leg so dependents all right so here's

03:54 those were a couple tips if you want to

03:56 take it to your boss and work from home

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