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The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home With Little To No Upfront Money Required

Updated: Apr 30

At this very moment millions of people who never worked from home are trying to work from home because of the 2020 Covid-19 (Corona) virus pandemic. Organizations are closing buildings, restaurants are closing dine-in areas, government has shut down buildings to the public, museums are closed, galleries are closed, and almost anything you can imagine that brought people together has been advised to close. Rest assured, even during trying times like these humanity will continue to move forward and one way we move forward is by grabbing our lunch pales, putting our heads down, and work however we can. How does one work from home, what do they need, and what will it cost?

Solution Systems Partners with Microsoft To Bring You Free Business Software During COVID-19 Pandemic

Microsoft Teams

Free Setup for Azure Cloud Backups

Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly Office 365 Business Essentials)

How do you work from home?

With Microsoft software provided by Solution Systems. Microsoft and Solution Systems can empathize with the disruption caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus and we've been focusing on how to help those facing the challenge of working in different ways and to ensure that organizations can continue forward despite these challenges.

Many businesses and learning institutions effectively accommodate high volume remote work today using Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft solutions and we want to ensure all businesses are aware of these solutions right now and to help do this we want to let you know that Teams is available to you for free for 6 months.

More Resources for Working from Home/Remote Work

We’ve heard quite a few questions concerning how best to work remotely. Here’s some helpful information:

Productivity Software

Helpful Articles

Please let us know if you'd like to discuss the free 6 month of Microsoft Teams offer. You can schedule a time for us to call you here or email us at info@solsyst.com

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