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What’s the difference between D365 Sales Enterprise & D365 Sales Professional?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

You’ve made the choice to move forward with a new CRM software for your organization and like so many, you’ve settled on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. However, you’re not absolutely sure if you should use Sales Enterprise or Sales Professional. Besides price, what are the differences?

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Getting Started

To get started deciding, there is first one question that needs to be answered before we breakdown the similarities and differences of Enterprise and Professional. That question is, do you currently have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Why is this important? Well, if your organization is currently running Business Central Cloud you can attach Dynamics 365 Sales professional to it for only $20 per user/month. That’s over $40 savings per user/month! Once you’ve answered this question it’s time to compare D365 Sales Enterprise and D365 Sales Professional.

Why would someone choose Sales Professional?

Sales Professional is really a stripped own version of Sales Enterprise that is geared more toward the new sellers that need the most common capabilities. Sales Professional provides core sales force automation.

Why would someone choose Sales Enterprise?

According to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide, with Sales Enterprise customer go beyond sales force automation and meet the needs of more complex sales processes. Sales Enterprise provides customization, extensibility, embedded intelligence, and manual forecasting, in addition to all the functionality available in Sales Professional.

Can we have both Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise Licenses?

What do you do if some users are capable of performing their job functions using Sales Professional but other users require Sales Enterprise to perform their job functions? Can you license both Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise? The answer is, you should not. According to Microsoft, mixing of licenses across different licensing programs on a single tenant is not recommended and could lead to incompatible subscriptions. Microsoft Products and Services licenses may be mixed with Enterprise Agreement licenses if short term subscriptions are required.

What we do recommend is taking a look at the below feature chart, seeing which license would work best for you, and then have a discussion with your Microsoft Partner. If you currently don’t have a Microsoft Partner feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help you get started and setup.

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise vs Dynamics 365 Sales Professional comparison chart
Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise vs Dynamics 365 Sales Professional comparison chart
Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise vs Dynamics 365 Sales Professional comparison chart

Useful Resources

Download the Sales Enterprise vs Sales Professional Chart

Enterprise vs Professional 2021
Download PDF • 203KB

Download the February 2021 Licensing Guide

Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide Feb 2021
Download PD • 1.85MB


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