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D365 Business Central Internal CRM or D365 for Sales?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

You know you need Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as your ERP software but you are still unsure whether or not you'll need Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales as your CRM software. The good news about this unsurety is that it causes you to ask question and questions are a good thing. They are particularly a good thing with this topic because most people don't know that Business Central has an internal CRM let alone it's capabilities.

What's behind the door

Dynamics 365 Business Central CRM vs Dynamics 365 for Sales

Do not let some eager Microsoft Partner sell you on the idea that for CRM you'll need and can only use Dynamics 365 for Sales. Business Central may be a viable option. However that being said, yes, Business Central has CRM capabilities but no they are not even close to as robust as Dynamics 365 for Sales is. You're going to have to do your due diligence and have questions prepared for the Microsoft Partner you're working with.

Which CRM is best for you?

Without us actually doing some sort of discovery of your business processes I cannot say for certain which is best for you and your organization. I can tell you that if you're an organization that hasn't relied on a robust CRM in the past Business Central has a real good chance of having the CRM functionality and capabilities you need.

Below is a snap shot of our webpage that shows a chart with all of Business Central's CRM capabilities and this is where I suggest you start with your due diligence.

If you have some more Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics 365 for Sales questions please schedule a time for us to give you a call here: SSI Online Scheduler


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