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Frankie Finance's Business Central Upgrade Update

Woman in an office describing her organization's Business Central upgrade

Me: Hey Frankie! It's been a few years since we did an interview like this and I'm sure our readers are anxious to know what's been going on with your ERP software since we last chatted.

Frankie: Yes, it has been some time. Well, since our company deployed Microsoft Dynamics NAV five years ago, the results have been nothing short of remarkable. Not only have we optimized our procedures, but we now have improved access to real-time data, which has had a substantial influence on our productivity and overall efficiency.

However, we did not stop there. After evaluating the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we decided to upgrade to the latest version on-premise and now we've finally gone to the cloud.

Me: Why move from Business Central on-premise to Business Central cloud?

Frankie: Business Central's cloud capabilities enable us to operate remotely, which is vital in today's quickly evolving work environment.

Thanks to the direction and skills of our Microsoft Gold Partner, the upgrade went smoothly and without incident. You ensured that our shift to Business Central was as seamless as possible by guiding us through every stage of the process.

Business Central's clever cloud technology, which allows us to access our data and apps from anywhere at any time, is one of its greatest features. This has been a game-changer for our firm, since it enables us to operate more freely and react more rapidly to client demands.

Me: That's great to hear! Business Central can be a transformative software for organizations.

Frankie: Absolutely! We are extremely delighted with the embedded and integrated Power BI charts, which give a visual representation of our data and assist us in making better educated choices. Business Central's applications and extensions have also been a terrific addition, since they enable us to add additional features and tailor the system to our unique requirements.

Me: So, it sounds like making the move to Business Central was the right decision and that you have no regrets?

Frankie: The decision to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central was the correct one for our company. The additional features and capabilities have helped us become even more productive and efficient, and we are optimistic that this system will continue to support our expansion for many years to come.

I'd also like to say to your audience that If you are contemplating an upgrade from Dynamics NAV, I strongly advise that you investigate Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Me: Wow, thank you so much for the kind words. As always Frankie, it's been a pleasure!

Frankie: No problem Michael, it's always fun to chat with you!


Do not overlook the advantages of upgrading your ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Contact us now to book a free consultation with one of our Business Central Team Members and learn how this powerful technology may assist your business in streamlining procedures, gaining greater access to real-time data, and enhancing overall productivity. Don't delay; seize this chance and make the move to Dynamics 365 Business Central now!


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