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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer - Episode 23

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Welcome back to another episode of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer, presented by Solution Systems, a Gold Microsoft Partner.

As we get ready to spring forward in March, Microsoft is getting ready for the Business Central 2021 Release Wave 1 update, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing update 17.4. On this month’s podcast We’ll talk about what’s included in this update, we’ll chat with the team at Avalara, and Ken and I will role play a conversation between someone looking to upgrade to Business Central from NAV and a Microsoft Partner. So in the words of Councillor David Cyr, “Let’s not waste any time. Let’s do it and get it done.”


  • Intro and Beer Reviews

  • A Shot of Business Central News

  • Featured App: Interview with Maria Tringali from Avalara

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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Show Notes

Welcome back everyone to another podcast episode of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer. My name is Michael Intravartolo but you may know me as that smooth-talking Midwest marketer who made shaving your head popular way before Vin Diesel ever did. As always, I’m joined by the Sultan of Software, The Behemoth of Business Central, the Great Kenbino himself, Mr. Ken Sebahar. Whattya hear, whattya say Ken?

Beer: Ten Fidy Barrel-Aged Beer from Oskar Blues Brewery.

Alcohol: 12.5%

Info: Big, bad, and barrel-aged, this Imperial Stout camped out for four seasons in Bourbon Whiskey oak barrels before reaching absolute perfection.

Taste Description: Aromas of molasses and vanilla mix with flavors of dark chocolate, espresso beans and roasted barley to bring you a bold yet smooth finish that leaves a hint of toasty bourbon goodness.

Ratings: Michael 92. Ken started at 80 ended up giving it a 49.

To be classified as a craft brewer in the US, a brewery must:

· A. Be less than 15% owned by a large brewery

· B. Have an annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less

· C. List all ingredients on the bottle

· D. Brew using traditional methods

Business Central News

The only new feature that I saw added is an addition of a telemetry for API endpoint authorization scheme.

Otherwise all really hotfixes. About 40 or so.

I don’t expect next month’s release to have many new features either because we’re getting closer and to the release date of 2021’s Wave 1.


Basic Authentication

Basic Authentication (Web Service Access Key) removal for Business Central online has been postponed until April 2022. Microsoft has seen that some integrations need more time to move from Web Service Access Key usage to OAuthorization.


It’s time to switch your Dynamics 365 Business Central browser to Microsoft Edge On April 2, 2021, Microsoft will remove Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy browsers from the list of supported browsers for the Business Central modern clients.


Is Microsoft going to be updating their Commerce Options to reinforce co-selling?

According to Gavriella Schuster, who is the Corporate Vice President for the One Commercial Partner Division at Microsoft, Microsoft plans to open direct commerce capabilities for ISVs in its marketplaces.

What does this mean?

Well according to a Microsoft Spokesperson, the model will support a variety of ways for ISVs to design offers. The update will apply to both AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

Does this mean apps will be easier for partners to sell and provision and does this mean Microsoft will adopt the mobile phone strategy for AppSource by handling the billing and invoicing for Business Central and other apps?

I’m not sure but what I can do is read to you what Gavriella Shuster reportedly said, “Opening up the value of our entire ecosystem to our ISVs and enabling our partners to pull those applications from the marketplace right into their CSP catalog and sell on behalf of those partners. A feature we are … delivering is the ability for ISV to add margin or incentives to partners they select to sell through our marketplace through CSP. That gives our ISVs an opportunity to expand their network to the 90,000 cloud solution providers we have in our ecosystem.”

So things do look a little promising for partners and ISVs!


Well, you’ve reached the end of another episode of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer podcast. Connect with us at and on all major social media channels. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you always know when the latest episode is available.

Oh, and one more thing before we go! On next month’s podcast we’ll be interviewing and chatting all things Business Central with Microsoft’s very own Mike Silver. If you’re of fan of Business Central you are not going to want to miss this one.

See everyone next month!


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