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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Episode 20

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

A Shot of Business Central and A Beer podcast


Welcome back to another episode of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer, presented by Solution Systems, a Gold Microsoft Partner.

In December, the air is crisp but toasty, trees are naked and clothed with unseen nests, silence is decorated with loud undertones and Business Central released a minor update with major improvements. Does this sound confusing? It should. In this podcast episode we'll bring clarity to this cloudiness, discuss year-end, take a look at Smart Job Queue by SmartApps, and try out a midwestern coffee fused beer. So grab a snack and a drink and let's get this show on the road.


  • Intro and Beer Reviews

  • A Shot of Business Central News

  • Featured App: Interview with Nirav Shah from To-Increase

  • Featured Segment: Microsoft Teams Integration

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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Show Notes

Segment 1: Beer Review


What is a stout? Stout is a dark, top-fermented beer that can include a number of variations like oatmeal stout, milk stout, and coffee stout. The difference between beers and stouts is the kind of malt that should be used to brew each type of beer. Stouts primarily are made from unmalted roasted barley. This is where the coffee flavor most people associate with stouts comes from.


Started by two brothers who were from Milwaukee.

Lakefront’s pioneering spirit has created many U.S. brewing-industry firsts. Among these, the brewery introduced the first beer in the United States made from 100% in-state-grown ingredients with the barley, wheat, hops and a first-of-its-kind, indigenous Wisconsin yeast strain (Wisconsinite Summer Weiss), the first certified organic brewery, producing the country’s oldest certified organic beer (Organic E.S.B.), and the first government-certified, gluten-free beer (New Grist).

Lakefront Brewery has one of the most popular brewery tours in the United States; over 80,000 people tour the brewery each year. Lakefront was one of the first—if not the first—to offer beer at the beginning, during, and after the tour instead of requiring visitors to wait until the end.


Lakefront was the second brewery in the country to make a Pumpkin Beer and possibly the first to bottle a fruit beer in the country since Prohibition.

In 1996 Lakefront became the first certified organic brewery in the country and made the country’s first certified organic beer, the “Organic ESB (Extra Special Bitter)”.

In 2006 the brothers helped create a new category of beer when they became the first brewery in the nation to receive federal approval to brew a gluten-free beer.


Roasted malts and Milwaukee’s renowned Fuel Cafe coffee meet in this this espresso-brown Stout to dole out substantial toffee and chocolate flavor with a mild coffee brightness.

6.5% Alcohol, 27 IBU, Full Body, and Dark Brown Color

79 Score on Beer Advocate

According to a Facebook Post by Fuel Café on July 10th they have closed down. They are not sure if they will reopen but hope to.

Expect to taste and smell: Coffee Aromas, Coffee Acidity, full mouth feel. Maybe some hints of Vanilla, milk chocolate?

Segment 2: Shot of Business Central News

Minor Update 17.1 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central online 2020 release wave 2


· Platform Hotfixes – around 40

· Application Hotfixes – around 100

· Local application hotfixes – around 1-5 per locality.

Popular Feature Changes

Enhanced Email Capabilities

· Added support for multiple accounts

· Distribution groups

· Improved attachment management

· Support for workflows

· Preview capabilities

Monitor Field Changes (Ken): Notify users of high-risk changes in selected setup fields

· Sometimes tracking changes in the Change Log isn’t enough. You can now define a list of fields that contain high-risk and business-critical data that you want to be notified about when they are changed.

· This feature is designed to alert the Business Central system administrator of changes to key setup fields that will impact the availability, performance, or integrity of the transactions that are processed within Business Central. Examples of tables and fields to be monitored would include Posting Group setup fields, Company Information, User status, or costing methods.

· I was unable to install and try out in my sandbox because I don’t have an email account associated with my Business Central SandBox.

· Tracking: New Monitoried Fields Worksheet Page and Monitored Field Log Entries Page

· Ken’s fear: People are going to want to use this for more than it is designed for.

o What do you mean? Something like Big Brother watching over every move the employee makes?

Control how Account Schedules for core financial reports are generated

· Accountants now have an easier way to maintain those core financial reports because when changes impact these financial reports, they are able to specify whether to add new account schedules and keep the ones they already have, or to overwrite their existing account schedules.

Other feature changes

· Use new sales pricing experience

· Improved VAT Registration number lookup

· Extension lifecycle telemetry in Application Insights for ISVS

· Use environmentType and environmentName launch.json properties intead of obsoleted sandboxName

· Symbols can be downloaded with a snapshot initialize launch.json configuration, using above environment properties.

Microsoft Learn

Business Central now has its own landing page on Microsoft Learn.

Segment 3: Featured App, Smart Job Queue by SmartApps

Accelerate your automation journey with these Job Queue improvements

When you have set up job queues the first question is, is it running properly?

With Smart Job Queue installed you can get an e-mail after each successful run or fail. You can also set it up to restart automatically after fail. Another cumbersome task that disappears with Smart Job Queue is management and error handling of job queues in multiple companies, this is because you can now set up all job queues in the same company and just configure in which it should run.

Features and benefits with Smart Job Queue:

- Recover a job automatically after error - Send e-mail on successful runs - Send e-mail on unsuccessful runs - Select which company the job should run in - Progress message on running jobs - Job message, to see a message when a job has completed its task - Last run failed, to filter on unsuccessful jobs - Possible to run jobs directly in the client as the current user - Last heartbeat, to see the time when a running job was last updating its progress

Supported editions This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries This app is supported in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, United States

Supported languages This app is availiable in English (United States)


· App has a free trial.

· Extension installed easily

· Unable to configure extension within Sandbox environment. Error returned:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central error message

Segment 4: Feature - Year-End in Business Central


Thanks everyone for listening.

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