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Why Business Central ERP for Aerospace Manufacturers

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Aerospace manufacturers are one of the key components that have helped shaped the globalization of the world's industries. The foresight these organizations had to have and still have to advance forward is nothing short of amazing. However, with great advancements comes great responsibility. Aerospace manufacturers inevitably turned to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to gain greater insight into their businesses. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central should now be your first choice for Aerospace ERP manufacturing software and here's two reasons why.

Aerospace Plane Part

Lot and Serial Tracking

Business Central's out of the box lot and serial tracking capabilities are second to none. You can define when and for which transactions you need to track the serial numbers of a item that has been assigned a particular tracking profile. Below is a picture of the Item Tracking Code Card page in Business Central where you can select what you want to track or ask the software to record more information against serial numbers or lots.

Item Tracking Code Card Page

A question that we see a lot of on internet forums is, can you apply both serial number and lot tracking to a particular item? The answer is yes, you can apply both serial number and lot tracking to a particular item in Business Central. Business Central also has in it's toolbox the ability to track the history of where a specific serial number or lot number was used and the ability to do forward and backward traces.

Quality Control

One of the beautiful things about Business Central is the ability to extend the out of the box functionality by downloading apps. This is a great feature because as we all know there are many businesses that are similar but no two businesses are the same. As an Aerospace Manufacturer you most likely are going to need some sort of quality control capabilities to run your business efficiently and continue to produce products that exceed customer's expectations.

Here are two options that are integrated with Business Central and work extremely well:

To Increase: Quality Management

According to To Increase, their Quality Management gives manufacturers, distributors, and other companies a consistent, efficient way to assess and record quality metrics in their operations and rive process and quality improvements.

Cost Control Software: Quality Control

According to Cost Control Software, Quality Control for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is all about testing. Record Lab Test Results before you put a new Raw Material into inventory. Record Finished Good Test Results before you ship to a customer. Maintain a desired level of quality for your products.

Do you want to see how Business Central manufacturing capabilities can work with your Aerospace data? Schedule a time for us to call you.


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