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Business Central Copilot | The Definitive Guide

Updated: Jun 11

Business Central Copilot

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central leads the way in the ever-evolving field of artificial intelligence, having invented breakthroughs that have helped over 30,000 small and medium-sized businesses succeed. Microsoft Copilot, powered by advanced artificial intelligence, offers new ways to improve workplace productivity, automate repetitive chores, and foster innovation. In a moment when almost two out of every three people are struggling with time and energy demands at work, Copilot appears as a way to free up capacity so that workers may focus on the most critical tasks.

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, AI is more widely available to small and medium-sized businesses, resulting in more intelligent processes, quicker flexibility, and improved performance. Once Copilot is enabled the workplace is transformed with Dynamics 365 Business Central's AI integration, which makes the following possible:

  • Quick and straightforward access to natural language responses.

  • Time savings are achieved by automating repetitive, boring operations.

  • Inspiring creativity with tips for original content.

  • Recognizing and conquering obstacles in business.

  • Reclaiming time for essential duties.

Take back time for crucial tasks

Optimizing efficiency assumes critical importance in accomplishing objectives in small and medium-sized businesses, where resources are often few and tasks are many. Time might be lost on routine tasks like locating documents and orienting new employees. Imagine discovering what you need without the typical trouble thanks to AI-powered assistance.

The conversational chat feature in Dynamics 365 Business Central's Copilot is slated for introduction in early 2024. It uses natural language to provide fast and simple responses to questions, speed up record retrieval, and make learning new skills easier. Users may save time and effort by accessing documents without using the standard menu. They can also quickly onboard new team members by answering their questions about processes. As Copilot develops into a regular AI partner, it speeds up job completion, creates momentum, and frees up time for meaningful work.

Business Central's AI infused bank reconciliation

Streamline month-end duties by using an enhanced bank reconciliation procedure. By evaluating imported bank statements, matching more transactions, and recommending entries for those that weren't auto-matched, Copilot in Business Central improves this usually tiresome monthly task. Copilot reduces human labor while increasing bank reconciliation accuracy by closely examining transaction information.

Business Central enhanced marketing text through AI

Use these ideas for marketing content to unleash your creativity. Product managers benefit from Copilot in Business Central, which provides AI-driven marketing text recommendations based on essential characteristics like color and material. Product launch procedures may be streamlined by publishing these recommendations—which can be readily customized to the desired length, tone, and format—on e-commerce platforms.

Increase client service by using AI enabled inventory forecasting

Inventory forecasting may improve customer service. The AI-powered Sales and Inventory Forecast addon uses historical sales data to forecast future demand and helps companies avoid stockouts. Business Central expedites replenishment by creating vendor requests while guaranteeing prompt order fulfillment and client satisfaction.

Use AI to predict late payments

Reduce risk by anticipating late payments. By predicting whether unpaid sales invoices will be paid on schedule, the Late Payment Prediction extension enables proactive changes to the conditions or modes of payment. This aggressive strategy lowers non-payment risk, diminishes past-due receivables, and improves financial performance.

Unleash the Power of AI-Driven Cash Flow Analysis

Utilize cash flow analysis to increase financial stability. AI-powered Business Central offers a thorough financial Flow Analysis to track a company's financial situation. By enabling proactive modifications to financial plans, this instrument guarantees the organization's financial stability.

Conversational Chat with Copilot

For many of our customers, a significant portion of their day involves communicating with colleagues, clients, and suppliers to gain insights and solve issues. Dynamics 365 Copilot enhances this process by integrating AI-driven chat directly within Business Central, enabling users to continue these crucial conversations seamlessly in their own words. Copilot offers capabilities such as effortless data access, where users can locate and retrieve data by simply describing what they need in natural language. For instance, they can ask, "Show me the latest sales order for ABC123," and Copilot will provide the relevant information.

Additionally, Copilot offers guided learning and assistance by explaining Business Central concepts and guiding users through tasks using extensive online documentation. For example, users might ask, "How do I save my list filters for future use?" and Copilot will provide the necessary steps.

Learn More About Copilot in Business Central

Business Central Copilot workshop:

With Business Central Copilot, you can empower your organization and have access to AI-driven technologies that may unlock human potential, stimulate creativity, and improve efficiency in ways never seen before. Redefining possibilities in the workplace is the goal of incorporating AI into routine corporate procedures, not only to remain competitive.

Contact us for all of your Copilot Business Central support needs or to see how a Business Central implementation can help you effectively navigate the complicated business climate of today.


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