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Tea With Microsoft Teams: How to create, start, and download a meeting

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

In today's Tea with Microsoft Teams short video we're showing you the basics of starting a meeting within Microsoft Teams.

After this video you should know how to create a meeting, start a meeting, and download a recorded meeting in Microsoft Teams.

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Video Host: Michael Intravartolo

YouTube Transcript

00:07 hello everybody Michael Intravartolo

00:10 here from solution systems back with

00:12 another tee with Microsoft teams and

00:14 today we're gonna take a look at how to

00:16 create to start access and download a

00:19 meeting within Microsoft teams it's

00:21 really simple it's a wonderful feature

00:23 of Microsoft teams it rivals goto

00:26 meeting zoom everything else so let's

00:30 get started first thing you want to do

00:31 is you want to go to your calendar and

00:33 you can see you've got a couple choices

00:34 here you've got new meeting in the upper

00:36 right hand corner or you've got meet now

00:38 or you can double click let's double

00:40 click a timeslot to select day to start

00:44 a meeting the difference between meet

00:46 now and new meeting is basically meet

00:48 now starts the meeting right away and

00:50 then from there as soon as it started

00:52 you can choose to add people as it's

00:55 going along but for the purposes of this

00:57 video let's just double click a timeslot

00:59 and once you want you double click a

01:01 timeslot it looks just like Microsoft

01:03 Outlook so we're gonna hit a title let's

01:05 call it marketing test meeting 5:00 you

01:10 can do add required attendees this is uh

01:13 just like I'll look it'll send an email

01:15 to wherever you add here take your date

01:18 and time add a channel so what you do is

01:21 when you add a channel you're basically

01:24 sharing the meeting within that channel

01:26 so whoever's in that channel has access

01:28 to it let's just do marketing meeting

01:31 test test and we'll click send and it'll

01:37 send the meeting so if we go to our

01:41 calendar we can see that it's building

01:42 the meeting right now if we go to teams

01:45 let's go to sales and marketing general

01:50 and there you go you can see we have

01:52 marketing test meeting 5 so whoever's in

01:54 this channel connects us this meeting

01:56 they just have to double click it and

01:59 then from there once you start the

02:01 meeting you have the option to you know

02:03 add a whiteboard record it that type of

02:05 thing so if you record the meeting

02:08 once it's done recording it's gonna

02:09 transcribe and it'll put it right here

02:11 in the chat

02:13 from here in the chat if you want to

02:14 download the meeting you click the three

02:16 little bug three little dots here the

02:17 ellipsis choose open in Microsoft stream

02:20 it'll pull up the meeting and right from

02:23 there is where you download it so there

02:26 you have it it's pretty simple it's

02:28 pretty straightforward it works

02:30 wonderful and thanks for joining


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