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Solution Systems Launches Cost Saving VoIP Service Powered by Teams Phone

Updated: May 13

May 07, 2024 07:00 ET| Source: Solution Systems, Inc.

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill., May 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solution Systems, Inc. (SSI) is pleased to announce the release of managed business phone services, designed to help clients save up to 50% off their phone bill, while delivering workflows powered by Teams Phone.

Businesses working with SSI will receive a free audit of their current phone system usage / spend, a detailed proposal with expected cost savings, plus an implementation and support plan overview that shows how SSI will manage and streamline plan administration going forward.

Keith Petersen, VP of Growth at SSI, emphasized, " As a leading Microsoft partner and technology solutions provider, we believe our Teams VoIP service is a game-changer for modernizing businesses”. Petersen added, “It’s a huge win for our clients as we can help cut their phone spend, deliver modern Teams Phone features, and provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success for their users.”

SSI chose Microsoft Teams VoIP as it represents a leap forward in VoIP technology, replacing outdated legacy phone systems with a cutting-edge solution expertly offered by SSI.

Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft services, Teams Phone provides users an intuitive platform for streamlined communication and collaboration, unmatched by traditional systems.

Furthermore, SSI's robust support extends beyond installation, ensuring a seamless transition, continuous management, and everyday assistance. This holistic approach empowers businesses to fully leverage their capabilities.

Contact us to schedule an audit of your system today!

Once your complimentary audit is complete, we’ll show you how SSI manages implementation, installation, ongoing administration, and support for your new modern business phone system.

About Solution Systems, Inc.

Solution Systems, Inc. is a leading Microsoft partner and technology solutions provider, specializing in technology consulting and support services customized for small and mid-market businesses. Our leading ERP practice provides unmatched expertise for Business Central Implementations and Business Central support; while our Managed Service Provider offering help clients focus on growing their business sustainably and securely.


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