[Podcast] Upgrading from NAV to Business Central - As told by the customer

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

S4E8 A Shot of Business Central and A Beer


Hello everyone and welcome to A Shot of Business Central and A Beer - Episode 8!

Today we have a special holiday edition of our podcast that includes our very first customer guest appearance. Jim Gio, Director of Management Information Systems for Triangle Package Machinery Company will join us and talk about upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. We'll also be reviewing some beer, sharing some new Business Central news, talking about the Document Customizer app, discussing the Envestnet Yodlee Bank Integration, and sharing some of our holiday traditions at the end.

Contents Section

  • Intro & Beer Review Segment: 0min 11sec

  • Shot of Business Central: 9min 07sec

  • Special Customer Guest: 15min 55sec

  • Business Central Featured App - Document Customizer: 41min 30sec

  • Business Central Feature - Envestnet Yodlee Bank Integration: 49min 25sec

  • Closing and Holiday Traditions: 56min 27sec

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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Show Notes

Segment 1 – Beer Review

Arrogant Consortia Brewing Company: Arrogant Bastard Ale Beer

Arrogant Consortia Brewing Company: Hardcore, Heavy Metal type of a company. Actually, have a Metallica inspired beer called Enter Night.

Website seems to be inspired by some sort of Illuminati secret organization. It has a take on the Eye of Providence found on the back of the dollar bill. Very Interesting.

Arrogant Bastard Ale Beer: Released in 1997. According to the company’s website the best time to enjoy this beer is when it’s fresh, numbskull.

Has fairly good ratings on beer forums

  • Our Ratings: Ken = 85, Michael = 65, Jim = 85

Segment 2 – A Shot of Business Central Cloud


Segment 3 - Special Customer Guest: Jim Gio, Director of Management Information Systems at Triangle Package Machinery Company

Questions for Jim:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself? Background, interesting experience?

2. What does Triangle Package Machinery do?

3. When Triangle implemented new software, why did was Dynamics NAV/BC chosen?

4. Why did you choose Solution Systems to help you implement and support your Dynamics environment?

5. What were some of the benefits realized once Dynamics was deployed at Triangle?

6. Why did you chose to upgrade (earlier this year) to BC?

7. What’s next? - Related to BC, what are your plans for the future? Are there any specific features you are excited about getting deployed?

Segment 4 – Business Central Feature App: Document Customizer

Why Document Customizer?

  • Many roles in your organization generate documents and most would like them to be customized. A Sales Rep may produce and Order Confirmation, a Warehouse Employee puts a delivery note in the box, and the Accountant produces an invoice for the customer and all of these people have different needs. How do you do this? Document Customizer lets you customize the standard document in Dynamics 365 Business Central any way that you want.

  • An example of this would be the Sales Rep wants master data on the item lines and a return policy on the invoice, and the Accountant wants payment terms in the footer of the invoice and payment info of specific customer.


  • Simple to install and easy to use. 8 easy steps and document is customized.

  • Pricing: One of the less expensive apps I’ve seen.


  • Can’t run initial setup from Document Customizer page in Business Central. Can only be run from notification bar on home page.

All-in-all it was a pretty easy setup and process to customizing documents. What I did was as basic a customization as you could do but I’m pretty confident that adding more customizations wouldn’t be too difficult.



Step 1: In Notifications select Setup your first document, enter email address, choose logo, and which document you’d like to customize.

Step 2: Preview your current document

Step 3: Do we want to add or remove a field in the header? Let’s remove Customer No. (Here’s a video showing how to add or remove fields in the header)

First thing we need to do is click edit

Next we want to delete the line that shows the Customer No. and click close.

Now let’s preview the document to make sure our changes worked

It worked!

Step 4: Now you have the option to edit a caption

Step 5: You can remove or add a field column in the lines

Step 6: You can display or remove the VAT specification

Step 7: You can customize the footer

Step 8: Now you can activate the report if you want to replace the document which is currently used.

All-in-all it was a pretty easy setup and process to customizing documents. What I did was as basic a customization as you could do but I’m pretty confident that adding more customizations wouldn’t be too difficult.

From Appsource

Fact Sheet

Customize and layout your document in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in only minutes.

Document Customizer is the app that enables you to easily:

  • customize

  • documentsedit

  • any textinsert

  • data from any field

  • edit design and layout

  • manage language versions

  • create customer specific versions

Watch 66 detailed videos about Document Customizer on Usedynamics.com.

Apply language versioning

Select language whenever you generate or print any document. The same document can be produced in any language you like. Language versioning also applies to captions, values and item names.

Prebuilt documents

You get prebuilt templates - ready to use. We have analyzed what Document Customizer is used for - and we have included the most popular customizations in the 20 document templates.

Create customer specific templates

Use templates to quickly apply a visual identity to your document. Create as many templates as you like - and select a template when you generate the document.

Apply a template to a customer if you like, and it will be the default template for the specific customer. If you generate multiple invoices, you will see invoices in different layouts depending on the template selected on each customer.

Customize the layout

You may customize the title of the document, the bill-to and ship-to address and edit any general header information. Change any general footer information. Add generic text in 3 predefined sections right below the header and just before the footer.

And much more ...

You can install Document Customizer in only minutes

Start your free trial today a wizard will guide you. No technical skills required to get started.

Supported editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

This app is available in

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates

This app is available as Auto-Translated in

France, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden

Segment 5 – Business Central Feature: Envestnet Yodlee Bank Integration

Dynamics 365 Business Central Electronic Banking

Closing Statement

Happy Holidays!

Do you have some questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Let us know below or click here to schedule a time for us to call you!

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