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[Podcast] Dynamics NAV & Business Central Resources, Unknown Features & the Enhancement Plan

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

S2E9 Two Guys, Coffee & Business

Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Business Central Resources, Unknown Features & the Enhancement Plan

This podcast is a must for someone using Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We'll be exploring must have resources, unknown features, and the importance of the Enhancement Plan.

You can also listen to us at:

Two Guys, Coffee & Business Podcast - Workplace Culture

Show Notes

Business Central, NAV, CRM, etc.

Business Central

Dynamics NAV

  • Microsoft CustomerSource

  • A complete guide to everything Microsoft Dynamics. Videos, links, training documents, product information, etc.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Blogs

  • Learn about updates, planned releases, quick tips, etc.

  • NAVUG – Dynamics NAV User Group – A user-led, user driven community of 19,000 Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users. Proven to help Dynamics NAV users achieve higher satisfaction with their Dynamics product through education, networking, and events through this join community.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Resource Guide – Enhance the power of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV with add-ons tailored to your business. Whether you need warehouse, tax solutions, or payment options, this guide shows you some of the most popular Dynamics NAV add-ons solutions used by businesses just like yours.

Exciting Features

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Business Central has built-in intelligence to save you time and effort and keep an eye on patterns and changes in your business. The smart analytics feature in Power BI is just one example. Business Central also notifies you of actions you may want to tack onto tasks you’re currently completing. If you’re creating a PO to reorder a product from a vendor, Business Central will notify you of other low-inventory items from the same vendor so you can add them to the PO. The AI can also streamline tasks and reduce data entry. When you upload a product image during the product setup process, for example, Business Central reads the image, recognizes the product, and automates some of the setup, filling in fields and offering up suggestions for you.

  • ​[Podcast] Artificial Intelligence & ERP


  • Favorite Accounts in Business Central

  • From any screen in Business Central, you can access a list of your favorite accounts. This list is completely customizable, so you pick the accounts you want to have quick access to based on what you’re working on or what you need to see most frequently.

  • Special Accountant Features

  • Business Central offers some light AP automation by allowing you to define items that you frequently import or export. Once defined, Business Central will recognize these items and execute follow-up tasks accordingly. For example, recognizing a paid invoice as something to be posted.

  • Container Sandbox Environment – Hidden Feature – link to blog post


  • By running the Sandbox Environment (Container) page you can set up a container-based sandbox that can be Azure hosted or locally hosted. When you run this page, you can choose Host in Azure or Host Locally options. If you choose Host in Azure, you’ve to connect to your Azure subscription, fill the required data and Docker is automatically configured for you. If you choose Host Locally, you need to configure the Docker environment in your system before setting up the sandbox. Then you need to save, modify with the correct parameters and launch the CreateBCSandbox.ps1 Powershell file. After that, you can develop with Visual Studio Code and AL connected to your container. D365BC will have also an online sandbox but having a container-based one is an interesting plus, especially for development tasks.

Enhancement Plan

  • New version rights, hotfixes, service packs and regulatory releases

  • Protected list price and transition investment credit

  • Unlimited access to online training, certifications, and user guides

  • Access self-directed support through CustomerSource

  • License mobility

  • Disaster Recover

Have we forgotten any important resources? Tell us in the comments section below!

YouTube Transcript

[Music] 00:07 - guys coffee and business podcast hey 00:13 everybody we're back - guys coffee and 00:16 business podcast I am now Norwich I'm 00:20 here with puddin pie yep 00:22 hi we got picture of Navman that's right 00:26 yeah so I'm Michael Shermer told we have 00:30 a very very informative podcasts at say 00:34 yeah yeah I feel like there's a 00:37 everybody always ask questions when 00:40 they're on the running of their new ERP 00:42 system they don't really know where to 00:45 go sometimes they don't want to go to 00:48 maybe the partner because they're a 00:51 little nervous in that case you should 00:53 just come to us yes open arm invite yeah 01:03 I think there's some must have resources 01:05 out there that each user I think we find 01:08 very very helpful 01:10 sure can I get can I say something 01:11 before we get it absolutely since it's 01:13 two guys Bobby business podcast and I 01:15 ever done this in a while we're up in 01:17 the Valera bug Thank You Zack willow for 01:20 the Apple era motor in there I have some 01:22 cold pressed coffee that I made with a 01:25 new French press at my house oh wow yeah 01:27 it works really good basically got a 01:29 coffee grinds I want to get 01:31 right out needs or not put in the fresh 01:33 breasts let it sit for 24 hours press 01:36 that bad boy down and I have a cold 01:37 coffee that you can have in the fridge 01:39 for the rest of the week you can heat it 01:42 up if you want so is that is it more 01:43 fresh is it so the thing about it is the 01:45 reason why I'm doing it sits better on 01:47 like your digestive system lasse is 01:50 naturally hard on your digestive system 01:52 and because I can make a week in advance 01:55 out this is our every morning equals 01:57 making coffee see even making coffee 02:02 more efficient yeah definitely more 02:06 efficient I also want to save something 02:09 bears lost again last night 02:11 but it throws at me again as a reminder 02:14 the Browns won before no the preseason 02:17 last year did they so for no I guess 02:22 they had one in years 02:23 right so it's okay Rach I think they 02:27 made the playoffs though one time in the 02:30 past in Kentucky right so please like 02:42 don't feel bad 02:45 all right well I guess back to resources 02:49 actor resources so what you gotta get is 02:52 good what's wrong 02:52 yeah yeah I mean if you go on YouTube 02:56 YouTube just the place to be now has 03:00 videos for everything including does a 03:03 central lab but there's also more than 03:06 actors right 03:09 [Laughter] 03:15 and so yeah you can there's webinars 03:20 with the will will put on and mainly new 03:23 yeah - be nice yeah so I mean that's 03:28 always kind of nice because everybody 03:30 needs something extra yeah I feel like 03:33 you're reading from my notes it might be 03:35 that cats not spring - yeah but yes I 03:44 mean there's training videos which can 03:46 be thought on our website solstice calm 03:49 yeah so yeah I've got blog posts 03:55 training videos that I'm really deep 03:59 dive into some specific resources for is 04:03 essential never get into it alright so 04:08 for video resources for business central 04:11 I'll link to all these rulings all these 04:14 on the podcast site on our on our web 04:17 page we have the introduction of 04:19 Microsoft Dynamics 365 is essential it's 04:21 a good resource for somebody just 04:23 looking starting out another video is 04:26 what the D 365 business central team 04:29 actually likes about business central 04:31 with features and things like that they 04:33 like which I should 04:35 used for our next section I have the 04:41 business central spring release video 04:44 which dives a little bit more in depth 04:46 of what this essentially is that's 04:51 actually a pretty good video I thought 04:52 they did a good - a little overview of 04:54 yeah kind of what's new and we can do in 04:58 there yeah I have a link to the business 05:09 central training videos and then for 05:12 documents I have the business central 05:14 capabilities guy versus show basically 05:16 everything that business central does 05:19 the link to the dynamics 365 October 05:22 2018 release notes you know sending all 05:25 that talk about on your features and 05:27 what's coming out all that good stuff 05:29 yes our videos everybody get real 05:32 excited for that a few short months here 05:35 yes 05:36 October it's coming it's coming and then 05:39 I have some web resources Business 05:42 Center home page private suggestions 05:44 page so people like you and honestly 05:47 broader than just suggest things that we 05:49 want to see business that you'll have 05:50 and if it gets enough likes or comments 05:53 or by Microsoft like 05:55 taking it so that's how we're saying you 05:57 have to have enough 05:58 you got any subtraction behind it yeah 06:01 so make sure you tell everybody in your 06:03 company yeah it's going like it social 06:06 media share it you know if you got an 06:08 idea - why upgrade to business central 06:12 from QuickBooks because I know a lot of 06:14 people are using QuickBooks and business 06:16 central premium version premium version 06:21 is essential Start Center essentials is 06:26 comparable to uh to QuickBooks of course 06:30 the solution system is a set the home 06:33 page where you can find everything that 06:39 makes me want to go in that click on all 06:41 these links now yeah it's full of 06:43 information this comes only if you are 06:51 lucky enough to be a solution systems 06:53 customer we have our own online 06:58 university whoa three videos so I guess 07:03 is gonna yeah 07:05 toggle us or you can visit dynamics 365 07:11 dynamics 365 University comm check out 07:15 some free videos you can purchase some 07:18 better training videos but if your 07:20 customer cards hey call us ask us 07:23 yeah we'll set you up yeah another thing 07:27 that I was a little dab bug so yeah so 07:32 it's just like a stands for nav user 07:35 group so that's pretty cool it's all the 07:37 users they have questions come together 07:41 and help each other out which is great 07:43 it shows that I mean it is a community 07:45 of over 19,000 people are saying right 07:48 which is crazy 07:50 yeah it's also great now it's not just 07:52 nap it's a PC / damn right it does we 07:55 make the transition to the business 07:58 central yeah so your education is not 08:00 working right now another really good 08:07 one I think is customer source it kind 08:10 of gives you access to anything you need 08:13 training videos product information blog 08:17 pages just links all things Microsoft 08:21 Dynamics and what you get that is with 08:26 if you say current or Microsoft 08:29 enhancement plan big time 08:32 another must-have resource I would say I 08:36 mean I would say the answer planets a 08:38 must 08:39 yeah I mean it's all you can do I 08:42 predict upgrades and you get the access 08:46 to customer source yeah and then you can 08:49 protect it list price it's actually 08:52 broke down a couple things 08:54 quick highlights widest and your 08:56 enhancement plan jumping over a network 08:58 so you get new version rights hot fixes 09:01 service packs and regular toilet 09:03 releases this is all about being current 09:05 on your handsome plan protected this 09:08 price transition if that's never going 09:10 to be late like you mentioned unlimited 09:12 access to online training which is the 09:14 customer source if there's any 09:17 certification for customers to give them 09:18 and user guides you can access these 09:21 stuff directed support through customer 09:23 source and you also get a license 09:26 ability and disaster recovery which can 09:29 be huge if there's a church you know so 09:32 actually that's kind of funny you bring 09:35 that up because everybody's like oh we 09:36 don't need that everything can be fine 09:38 recently someone's like building was 09:44 struck by lightning and then he wants 09:46 our servers went down yeah it's crazy 09:48 you gotta talk about ransomware and I 09:51 mean it's authors ever think it's gonna 09:53 happen you because you're gonna 09:55 worldwide what happens yeah anyone in 10:00 law you have to deal with that yeah 10:03 sorry 10:05 no yeah that was uh that's premature 10:07 thing else I had as well so I got two 10:10 more things and the resources then okay 10:12 there is actually a dedicated Microsoft 10:14 Dynamics NAV 10:15 blog page for people from Microsoft post 10:18 about that you know you learn about 10:21 updates planned release this quick tips 10:23 that sort of thing and the second and 10:26 last thing that I have is will link to 10:29 this as well the dynamics in the 10:31 resource guide so this is something that 10:33 we've created internally that will speak 10:37 select the most popular net analyze what 10:39 they do whether or not to put your 10:41 business and everything so if you think 10:43 that warehouse solution our tech 10:45 solution whatever these are the most 10:46 popular and most efficient and that's it 10:49 there is definitely good resource 10:51 problems yeah yeah absolutely yeah I 10:59 think it's not a resources why not great 11:01 I don't use it yeah but a lot of good 11:03 resources means that you have to learn 11:05 how to use good teachers you're a man 11:09 that's essential yeah and I know we've 11:11 talked about features in the past so we 11:13 want to get too much into all the ones 11:16 that you 11:17 before anything kind of minor something 11:19 different for you or yeah so I think I 11:24 don't know if I really call it a feature 11:26 but it kind of is at the same time power 11:28 bi it's embedded right on the homepage I 11:32 feel like you just got to think 11:34 advantage of it cuz it's a awesome 11:36 reporting tool yes so I mean the layouts 11:39 the ability to see your information a 11:41 little fast yeah that's right there 11:44 right right 11:46 and if you need any help with power bi 11:47 training or anything we do have an 11:50 expert in our building we do we talked 11:54 to him about that or Batman yeah he's 11:56 like see there let's talk about Batman 11:59 burrito or nav man he's our man yeah how 12:04 are we gonna do a Superman or a 12:06 superhero themed uh this way we're gonna 12:08 call it they have man it's already comes 12:11 out here but yeah this is central man I 12:13 mean that doesn't flows No 12:21 BBC man therefore you 365 set some 12:28 suggestions what's your home dad man 12:30 yeah this be good it will just sum up a 12:35 little more Paula we didn't come to this 12:37 yeah so one that I've come across the 12:41 kind of feature where you want to call 12:43 it that people really I feel don't take 12:46 advantage of it as much as they should 12:47 it's the artificial intelligence it's 12:49 built into business central you know 12:54 although it basically from my 12:57 understanding is there bunch of Russian 12:59 analysis in the background it keeps an 13:00 eye on your patterns of what you're 13:02 doing inventory levels and stuff like 13:04 that and it'll let you know if you need 13:07 to replenish your inventory levels 13:08 before you actually think about checking 13:11 it so it's a yeah yeah that's he it's 13:17 only gonna get better right absolutely 13:21 no see yeah so I have let's see here 13:26 there is a favorite accountant distance 13:29 central so from any screen and business 13:31 central get remaining terrible okay you 13:34 can access a list here favorite accounts 13:36 the list is completely customizable so 13:39 you can pick the accounts while you have 13:40 quick access to or what you're working 13:43 on and 13:44 you know you can see this Eagle Scouts 13:45 was frequently another line that is so 13:49 these are for this one's for accountants 13:53 it is business central offers like ap 13:57 automation so by allowing you to find 14:00 items that frequently import-export so 14:03 once these items are fine this is such 14:05 was going to recognize these items and 14:07 execute the follow-up tasks accordingly 14:09 so you know for example if it recognizes 14:13 it'll recognizing paid invoices 14:15 something in a lot of do you think about 14:25 this image analyzer very nice I think 14:28 it's a great idea but I think it still 14:30 needs to come you need to be embedded 14:32 into write this essential organizers 14:34 have third-party service right that's 14:36 what I think yeah I agree I think it's a 14:38 great idea it's cool yeah that's not 14:41 quite there yet no I also I thought one 14:44 more it is the container sandbox 14:47 requirement this is a hidden feature and 14:51 what is what it is is once again I've 14:53 been read this is by running the sandbox 14:54 environment practice these container 14:57 page you can set up a container base 15:00 sandbox that can be as your hosted or 15:03 locally hosted 15:04 when you run this page you can choose 15:06 hopes manager hope slowly options if you 15:09 choose host and answer I give the catch 15:11 your answer - your subscription required 15:13 an entire blah blah blah if you choose 15:16 Holtz local you need to configure the 15:18 Thacker environment it all right so what 15:21 it is is what your dunk acting it the 15:23 way you want it that you can develop 15:24 with Visual Studio studio code and AOL 15:27 AOL connected to your container that's 15:31 also have an online sandbox with every 15:34 container based so I really wonder what 15:38 it is maybe it's better for programmers 15:42 I guess the enemy yeah yeah no I like 15:56 the sandbox environment I think it's a 15:58 really great place to kind of go test 16:01 some things out if you don't really know 16:02 what you're doing yeah so just because 16:05 you know that there's no consequences 16:06 you just reset it with a click of a 16:08 button that's great yeah come on partner 16:11 we don't have 16:13 features and functionality that we would 16:15 really want ready to go to utilize the 16:18 sandbox right so Microsoft we need some 16:21 internal usage rights licenses to dis 16:23 essential to help us out you have more 16:27 admin right yes 16:29 exactly what we listening Microsoft you 16:34 know they are deep way to see you I see 16:37 you right there by your desk 16:39 don't worry nobody's watching you just 16:43 us yeah just us 16:45 all right in the Austrian our color mr. 16:49 Tom I don't know I think I didn't pretty 16:52 much covered everything I wanted to 16:53 cover but why I'd like to say first and 16:56 foremost is coffee it's really good 16:57 cold-pressed really good and I have 17:01 nothing in it it's just black 17:10 yeah so let's do is having a Tom Petty 17:14 cover band tonight 17:15 so gonna go have some some beers and 17:19 some is some music with some animals 17:20 also you won't be free fallin yeah 17:24 Brookfield oh yeah I never did it but a 17:28 summer concert yes pretty much every 17:31 Friday place 17:33 couple months whatever they do that I'm 17:37 not trying to vignette this year yeah so 17:39 we'll see I'm excited 17:42 very very nice look that just trying to 17:45 go into the city on Saturday and out 17:47 there should be a good day for saying 87 17:50 something yeah should be perfect nice 17:52 about you gonna hang out man 17:57 oh maybe we found out the true identity 18:00 of bits right let's check do it yeah oh 18:06 so it's Rob next in blue Six Flags Great 18:09 America it's supposed to be really nice 18:11 man hanging out the waterpark a couple 18:13 of water slides 18:14 way to pull their tech thing thanks 18:16 maybe hit a couple posters you know 18:21 water parks kind of wear you out yeah or 18:24 net nice yeah that's very rare 18:29 well sounds like there's a lot to do in 18:31 Chicago and if you're not from here 18:34 check out the yeah I know I don't 18:38 understand it either 18:39 thank you I don't get just a big miss 18:43 shapen yeah I don't think so one might 18:45 like the out they first came to Chicago 18:47 to visit a couple years ago she was in 18:50 I'm gonna see the bean like why it's 18:55 just I don't know what's the 18:58 significance by it you know what 19:01 honestly now I have no idea it's like 19:03 work big export yeah I know they can 19:13 simulate you know the finish your life 19:14 yeah so the guitar player keys last 19:17 names actually pushes one who pushes 19:19 beat people interesting yeah okay 19:23 definitely a financially secure there's 19:26 two careers okay 19:30 well alright thank you everybody this 19:32 was awesome I hope everybody enjoyed 19:34 listening and as always if you have any 19:37 questions concerns 19:39 I just wanna comments feel free to reach 19:42 out to us if you need help with anything 19:45 reach out yes and we definitely want 19:47 suggestions on what we're supposed to 19:49 call them and all that business 19:51 Central's taking over so he's looking a 19:54 little press there people he wants a 19:56 name take care thanks


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