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[Podcast] A Shot of Business Central and A Beer. Pilot Episode.

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Welcome to the pilot podcast of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer! We've completely revamped our previous podcast to make this podcast more entertaining and informative for you the listener. New segments include a craft beer discussion, a shot of Business Central, a spotlight of a Business Central feature, and a featured app.

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Show Notes


What's New in Business Central

Directions 2019

  • Dynamic users – 3.3 Million

  • Dynamic Customers – 223,000+

  • 300+ Apps available in Appsource

  • Dynamics 365 growth 51% compared to 24% for all others

  • Rapid Start 2x faster in April release

  • The sandbox will soon allow you to have all data, extensions and add-ons included when created

  • In June we will receive the first draft of release notes for the October Business Central release

  • October release will only have modern client

  • The October release will work to improve performance and user proficiency (Desktop Productivity, Data Entry speed)

  • Certification exams to return in 2020

  • Heavy investments by Microsoft in the Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps and Microsoft Flow)

Business Central Feature Spotlight

Featured Business Central App

What segments would you like to see added to the podcast? Do you have any beer recommendations for Ken and Michael? Let us know in the comments section below!


YouTube Transcript

00:28 like to start talking you about is that

00:30 we have some exciting new changes that

00:32 have happened with the podcast we've

00:35 completely revamped the podcast to make

00:37 it more entertaining and informative for

00:39 you the listener our new podcast name is

00:43 a shot at Business Central with a beer

00:45 and just as the title alludes to will be

00:48 discussing business central topics and

00:49 craft beers while enjoying a cold one

00:53 ourselves so this podcast not only has a

00:56 new name but it has a new format and a

00:58 new co-host as well and without further

01:02 ado I present to you the man who

01:04 actually brought the beer mr. Ken said

01:07 aha so Ken why don't you tell the people

01:10 a little bit about yourself and what it

01:12 is you brought for us today all right

01:13 thank you Michael I am super excited to

01:17 be here and loving being part of this

01:20 thank you for including me and taking

01:25 some of my suggestions so yeah so with

01:29 this new format what we're gonna be

01:31 doing is each podcast we're gonna focus

01:35 on one specific craft brew we're gonna

01:41 figure out we're going to talk a little

01:42 bit about the brewer where it's made and

01:46 a little bit some fun facts about the

01:48 beer maybe and then of course you know

01:52 we're gonna have to share our thoughts

01:54 on the beer with you as we go through

01:57 this so we're going to talk about beer

02:00 we're also going to talk about shots

02:02 except right not shots like what you're

02:06 thinking but shots of business central

02:10 so some news updates

02:13 feature spotlights and also some app

02:17 spotlights where we're gonna we're gonna

02:19 focus on some apps that are available an

02:21 app source talk about those a little bit

02:24 and so yeah so I'm drinking taking a

02:28 drink right now here and let's do a

02:30 little quick toast to right to our first

02:33 shot of business central with the beer

02:35 pot right first one and we're gonna get

02:37 it rolling here so right off the bed

02:41 it's a it's a very good beer what is it

02:47 yeah no Three Floyds yeah so what we're

02:51 drinking is a beer called zombie dust

02:53 hahaha

02:55 so zombie dust is probably the the most

02:58 well known of beers that are made by a

03:03 brewery called Three Floyds brewing

03:06 which is based in Munster Indiana this

03:10 is kind of a local yeah local to us here

03:13 in the Chicago area they're just right

03:15 across the Indiana border off of us just

03:18 south of i-80 interstate 80 not too bad

03:21 no so so they're right there they have a

03:23 tasting room founded by you know two two

03:26 brothers and their dad back in the late

03:29 1990s 1996 I think and relatively new

03:34 yeah so so they've been sent in 2000

03:38 they moved to a new facility in Munster

03:40 Indiana and and I think they're broke

03:43 their beers are available throughout I'm

03:45 not sure regionally or probably or

03:48 nationally I do know that in 2018 Three

03:54 Floyds says here a crap cracked the top

03:58 50 list of brewing companies by sales

04:02 volume so they're number 49 overall

04:06 brewery sales very nice

04:08 so I'm guessing they must be must be a

04:11 national brand but but this one here

04:14 zombie dust it's always hard it's always

04:18 been hard to get really

04:19 so I think they you know hoggle an area

04:21 you mean or

04:22 think everywhere I think you know it's

04:25 it's it's available year-round if you go

04:27 to their brewery and in Indiana but

04:32 trying to find it in a store has

04:34 historically been very difficult just

04:36 because of the demand so why did you

04:38 pick this beer this localized in Indiana

04:40 are you a Notre Dame fan well no as this

04:44 is our first segment I wanted to start

04:49 with the best haha so for me this is the

04:53 gold standard this is your gold fan this

04:55 is it yeah I'm a little biased I grew up

04:59 not far from Munster Indiana so I'm able

05:03 to frequent their brewery quite a bit in

05:06 my opinion this is one of the original

05:09 beers that started the whole craft

05:12 graduation scene and specifically Pale

05:15 Ales American Pale Ales IPAs or India

05:18 Pale Ales it's officially an American

05:21 pale ale or APA but it's it's that

05:26 fruity super hoppy a little bit sweet

05:30 mm-hmm beer it's made with like Citra

05:33 hops yeah definitely get the super hoppy

05:34 part you know 6.2 percent alcohol so

05:38 it's it's stronger than like a Miller

05:41 bud product yeah but it's not you don't

05:44 taste that alcohol right no no no that

05:47 alcohol like some of those 10 or 12%

05:49 beers yeah yeah you don't really enjoy

05:52 it as much you don't taste it so so I'm

05:54 gonna so I'll you know admit that in my

05:59 beer rating if you know on so on our

06:01 scale of 0 of 0 to 100 in rating a beer

06:05 for me

06:06 zombie dust I'm gonna put that right at

06:08 the top really at a hundred yeah

06:10 hahahaha so so now there's no we know

06:13 set on the bar as yeah we got to find

06:15 something better than going forward

06:16 right away right at least to match it

06:19 maybe maybe exceed it meter you know

06:21 what maybe I'm gonna go 9800 just leave

06:25 a little bit of room I'm gonna go

06:26 ninety-eight I want to give myself a

06:27 little bit of leeway in the future if

06:29 you happen to

06:29 across something that's that's even a

06:32 little bit better I want to leave some

06:34 room for there so how about yourself I'm

06:37 gonna put this at about I give it a

06:41 solid 94 it's a really good beer I tend

06:45 to prefer more Mexican beers so that's

06:48 why those those are gonna be more and

06:49 more of my top tier beers but just

06:52 because of it like a lager Pilsner yeah

06:55 exactly

06:56 Corona Corona Modelo Pacifico not bad

07:02 Tecate it's not too bad yeah I'm gonna

07:05 put it a good solid 94 it's a really

07:07 good beer hoppy I wouldn't say I would

07:12 crack it open on a hot summer day though

07:14 yeah have you yeah it's a little bit

07:16 more heavy then yeah I agree

07:19 hot summer day after I've been doing

07:21 something outside light like yeah I see

07:28 that yeah Corona Lite kind of comes to

07:30 mind for me yeah I'm sitting on a super

07:33 hot day yeah really thirsty all right

07:36 right yeah you're not gonna be lighter

07:38 you're probably not gonna drink a dozen

07:39 of these no all this is more sit back

07:41 and relax

07:42 you got a nice cigar or something Julia

07:45 exactly yeah so so that's our focused

07:50 beer we'll probably come back through as

07:51 we go throughout the rest of this

07:53 podcast and talk about it a little bit

07:56 more and ask some more questions of each

07:58 other and then yeah see how it gets as

08:01 it warms up yeah so I think in our next

08:06 that's about it here of our next segment

08:07 we're gonna be following this following

08:10 up this beer with a shot business not a

08:13 business central alright so we're gonna

08:15 talk a little bit about business central

08:18 it's been a while since our last podcast

08:20 so there's been many things that have

08:21 happened a lot of new features a lot of

08:25 developmental new features for that as

08:29 well so Ken what you got over there you

08:32 got anything to talk about for yeah I

08:34 think you know along with what you're

08:36 saying I think it's we should start with

08:38 a timeline recap

08:39 Piron so like what's been going on let's

08:42 go back to last fall so last fall around

08:45 October Microsoft came out with this new

08:50 product Microsoft Dynamics 365 business

08:55 central long name and you know really

09:01 what that was is is it's a new product

09:04 that's based on a previous previous

09:08 solution right Microsoft Dynamics NAV

09:10 right and what Microsoft did was

09:13 obviously kind of gave it a fresh name

09:15 Dynamics 365 business central but also

09:19 delivered it kind of as two separate

09:21 solution two different options two

09:23 different deployment solutions so you

09:26 you have the big the big major news was

09:30 that there's a Microsoft hosted version

09:32 right that's animal completely run on

09:36 Microsoft's cloud all you pay is a

09:38 monthly subscription fee per user and

09:42 Microsoft deals with the infrastructure

09:44 they deal with the upgrading and keeping

09:47 you current and on the releases so

09:51 that's really the the big announcement

09:54 but they also took nav which it was

09:57 previously known rebranded it as

09:58 Dynamics 365 business central and call

10:01 that the on-premise version so for those

10:06 who are running nav or have always the

10:09 were otherwise loved nav and want to use

10:12 it or considering using it it is still

10:15 available Microsoft Dynamics 365

10:17 business central on-premise now does it

10:21 have a lot of the same functionality as

10:24 they have a lot of the same look it has

10:27 almost these full functionality between

10:31 both products there are there are going

10:35 to be certain advantages if you're

10:37 running on the Microsoft cloud version

10:39 where some of the integrations with if

10:42 you're running office 365 or some of the

10:46 Cortana artificial intelligence or power

10:48 bi those integrations are

10:51 blurt is set up there like automatically

10:54 enabled if you will because you're

10:55 authenticating through office 365 so

10:58 there are going to be some some

11:00 advantages to that but if for whatever

11:02 reason you still wanted an on-premise

11:06 solution or just full control over the

11:09 the administration of the sequel server

11:11 database or whatever you can still run

11:15 the traditional kind of quote on premise

11:18 version even if you're running that on

11:20 an on an azure server it's a private

11:23 cloud you can respectively create your

11:26 own private cloud and now you have full

11:28 administrative control over everything

11:30 very nice so is the private cloud

11:32 quicker than the multi-tenant cloud in

11:37 terms of speed mm-hmm

11:40 you know the performance I here's what I

11:42 would say is the the performance so far

11:44 we've had no negative feedback on the

11:46 performance of the Microsoft cloud

11:47 hosted version but having your own

11:52 private cloud or on-premise server does

11:55 give you yourself directly more control

11:59 over adding horsepower so if it is slow

12:02 you add as much RAM or processors as you

12:06 want right whereas other Microsoft

12:09 clouds hosted solution right Microsoft

12:14 Microsoft is responsible for making sure

12:16 your performance is good so companies

12:18 that are traditionally busier in a

12:20 certain season of the year can ramp up

12:23 power on their own cloud yes on their

12:27 own by that loud reset when they're not

12:29 as busy correct you could save them a

12:31 little bit of money yeah absolutely we

12:34 have customers that do that so the and

12:36 what it is is you basically kind of you

12:40 know temporarily shutdown and just

12:42 change your Azure resource allocation

12:46 and then you restart your business

12:49 central services and now you have

12:51 doubled or tripled or whatever it is

12:53 your horsepower and it's it's it's a

12:55 pay-as-you-go model so if you happen to

12:58 have that server jacked up for like two

13:01 days in four hours you pay

13:05 for that extra capacity for two days or

13:09 in four hours

13:09 oh very nice very nice and just so the

13:12 listeners know Kenya is obviously

13:14 business central nav expert and it's

13:18 kind of my job to try and stop them

13:19 during the podcast yeah I'm gonna give

13:25 you a question here let's see let's see

13:26 how it goes

13:28 business central full cloud multi-tenant

13:30 running in the cloud yeah how far back

13:33 can you retrieve information if

13:35 something crashes well they're in in

13:40 business central there is no there's

13:44 there's no automatic data deletion or

13:47 data archiving if you if you're using

13:50 business central you've got your posting

13:52 transactions in there those trains at

13:54 those posted invoices those general

13:57 ledger journal entries or receivable

13:59 entries they're there as long as you're

14:02 running so we have customers today that

14:05 are running Dynamics NAV right the

14:08 legacy that probably solution for

14:09 business central who have literally

14:12 twenty years of data that they've

14:15 accumulated within their database so do

14:18 you know that is it possible if somebody

14:19 deletes the data in the cloud to contact

14:22 Microsoft and have a restored or if well

14:26 I mean there are you mean someone at

14:29 your organization and say deletes a

14:31 company yeah the whole company yeah you

14:35 know what that's a good question oh it's

14:41 over so so one is one solution to that

14:46 is that they have created what they call

14:48 a sandbox environment so what you could

14:51 what the customer so the end user has

14:53 the ability to do is at any point they

14:57 can log into business central on the

14:59 cloud and they can create a sandbox

15:03 environment which is a full complete

15:06 copy of their live production

15:08 environment nice so they have all the

15:09 data backed up if they need yeah you can

15:11 use it obviously as backups or you could

15:14 use it as

15:16 for as a testing environment or training

15:19 environment right so there's a lot of

15:21 different ways that you can use that I'm

15:23 kind of have it there are also tools

15:25 that you can use if you're if the data

15:28 is this a concern where you can call

15:34 power a tool called power query yeah

15:36 where you can directly pull data out of

15:38 business central into tables or yeah

15:44 beautiful very good I just had

15:49 experiences I'll tell you later this is

15:51 yeah so yeah so so going back so that

15:56 was October right so since then

16:00 Microsoft on a regular basis they apply

16:03 updates fixes and things like that to

16:06 the cloud environment yeah and and then

16:09 they came out with a spring release so

16:11 this is April 2019 just last month

16:14 they came out with this April release

16:16 and this April release is for both the

16:18 Microsoft cloud hosted and the

16:21 on-premise version Oh which is different

16:23 usually than then they have update where

16:26 they said right generally once a year

16:27 right it previously was like on a roll

16:29 there's a nad 2015 2016 2017 now it's

16:34 more twice a year is the plan so what

16:37 will expect a fall and a spring release

16:41 coming out and and there's a document

16:44 that's published and it lists all of the

16:47 features that were released I don't want

16:50 to I don't want to get it spoil my next

16:52 segment here we'll put in the show notes

16:54 though so everybody can download yeah

16:55 look at it but there's there's a lot of

16:57 new features that came out so where

17:00 we're at right now so if you're running

17:02 business central in the cloud you may

17:05 say well hey it's May

17:07 I don't see my updates so during the

17:12 month of April Microsoft has been

17:14 rolling out the that spring release

17:17 updates to all the different business

17:20 central environments that it's hosting

17:21 right and it does that kind of piece by

17:24 piece we call them their home clusters

17:27 of environments so you may already have

17:30 your business central environment

17:34 updated you may not so what you want to

17:36 do is if you're running in the cloud go

17:39 to the global search type in system

17:41 information and if you see an update

17:43 that starts with fourteen point

17:45 something you're updated if you're at

17:47 thirteen point five something you have

17:49 not been updated yet right yep so and

17:55 also you do have the ability which is

17:58 really cool so let's say you haven't

18:00 been updated yet but you know there's

18:02 this release out there if you go in your

18:07 partner so something that we can do on

18:09 behalf of a customer is we have the

18:11 ability to build a new sandbox for our

18:14 customers who are running business

18:15 central and we can actually specify that

18:18 that sandbox uses the new version called

18:22 the preview version right so people can

18:25 test out things before right so you're

18:27 running your live up your live version

18:29 and hey there's this cool new spring

18:32 2019 update that's out there this allows

18:36 you to go in and actually build the

18:38 sandbox with your data and your

18:41 interventions and apps in there

18:44 and actually test it and see how it

18:46 works and make sure everything's gonna

18:48 work before you schedule and confirm

18:50 your live update I think they'll

18:53 regardless I think everybody has to be

18:55 updated no matter what eventually right

18:59 you can't hold off it's a no I don't

19:01 want that updated and not have it I

19:03 think so it might be a six month period

19:07 or something yeah now because so yeah

19:09 because you can write extensions you can

19:12 write your own individual apps if you

19:15 will for business central if we're you

19:17 know your specific environment something

19:20 unique that like your business does we

19:22 need to add these fields here so

19:25 Microsoft will run through they'll do

19:27 they'll test upgrade all the

19:29 environments and then it is possible

19:31 that there's some sort of conflict so

19:33 that update could fail right right but

19:36 yeah you're right there is a point where

19:39 I have to be on they will push you

19:41 eventually now we're still really new

19:44 right this is the first major updates

19:46 that's come out it's early May right now

19:49 there are some environments that are

19:51 still haven't been updated Microsoft is

19:54 working on those we're working on a

19:55 couple with them we you know so we

19:58 expect those issues are going to be

19:59 resolved shortly now and then we're

20:02 gonna share with you on this podcast our

20:05 experiences with updates and keep you up

20:07 to date on you know what's going on and

20:11 maybe give you some tips before you if

20:12 we decide for any sin division yeah hey

20:14 by the way don't do this or try to stay

20:17 away from this so so so that's kind of

20:20 where we're at it's it's it's being

20:22 deployed right now there are a ton of

20:26 new features that are that are in there

20:28 some pretty cool stuff we'll get to that

20:31 and a little couple minutes here but the

20:33 other kind of two things I wanted to

20:35 just touch on today was you know with

20:38 business central it is a cloud hosted

20:41 solution and Microsoft is regularly

20:45 applying updates on a regular basis yeah

20:48 but that does not mean that you can't

20:50 tailor it for your business but instead

20:55 of going in and updating the source code

20:56 you can't do that right because if

20:59 you're changing the source code how

21:00 could Microsoft then I go update it but

21:03 you can extend the functionality so they

21:06 call these extensions or that's our term

21:08 for like an app and what that means is

21:11 that we can take a piece of standard

21:13 functionality within business central

21:15 and we can add things to it so we can

21:17 add fields to the customer table we

21:20 could then add business logic that does

21:22 something with those fields or we add a

21:25 report right and it's we can virtually

21:28 add anything right there's really no

21:30 limit right to be done you need a whole

21:33 kind of module built we could build a

21:35 whole you know module within the

21:37 business central environment in the way

21:40 that we do that is through my Christine

21:44 derd Microsoft development tools and

21:46 this is one of the coolest new things is

21:49 that

21:50 the new dove the new they call it the

21:51 modern development environment you do

21:54 this using Visual Studio code which is a

21:58 Microsoft development tool yeah I think

22:01 it's I don't what don't quote me like

22:02 the number one used developer tool in

22:06 the world oh right so there are

22:08 literally you know thousands of people

22:10 all over the place that use Visual

22:12 Studio code to do their development for

22:16 various different solutions so for us

22:19 now in business central to be able to

22:21 leverage that huge community of

22:23 developers who can who now can go in and

22:27 with that without needing a special

22:30 license or certification right can go

22:32 begin building extensions for Business

22:35 Central it's huge yeah it's me a lot of

22:38 extensions out there really soon right

22:39 yeah yeah so so that's that's one thing

22:43 that we're really excited about here we

22:45 obviously are you know are building our

22:47 own extensions we're going on publishing

22:49 extensions an app source yeah we were

22:52 you know we're building custom

22:54 extensions for our customers as they

22:56 need it so those are things we're doing

22:59 every day but that's one of the one of

23:01 the cool coolest new things and kind of

23:03 the last kind of topic I wanted to touch

23:06 on for our shot of business central

23:09 today is the feedback feature and this

23:13 is central this is new so yeah you're in

23:15 business central right you've got some

23:17 icons up on the top right one of them is

23:20 feedback so if you click on feedback you

23:22 know you're looking for something you

23:24 don't like how something works yeah

23:26 click on feedback open it up and you can

23:30 directly provide your feedback to

23:33 Microsoft so right from business central

23:35 you can tell them whether or not you

23:36 like it or don't like it correct or say

23:38 or if you want to see something

23:39 different yeah hey why can't I also do

23:41 this yeah and here's great here's the

23:45 best part

23:45 so that's that's kind of cool because

23:47 before you'd have to go to a website

23:49 right yeah and I think it would go to go

23:53 to a website there was a feedback and I

23:55 got voted on or couldn't there was well

23:57 there was a community feedback site and

23:59 I'm gonna say

24:01 for my own person I want to speak for

24:03 anyone else I'm not really sure what

24:05 happened to that it kind of went out

24:08 into the ether sphere right hit say the

24:12 cloud and and whatever happened with

24:14 that be back well here's what's

24:16 different about business central all

24:18 that feedback is visible in there right

24:20 and then you can see how many other

24:24 people have voted on these different

24:28 feature requests can you feedback right

24:31 right from business central yes oh wow

24:33 so you can log in and go oh I I do a

24:37 search and you can search inside the

24:39 feedback for a certain thing you're

24:40 looking for payment terms so you search

24:43 in payment terms you you find four

24:45 articles and you can see that though

24:48 there's one similar to what you're

24:49 looking for and like four hundred people

24:51 have already voted on this or they like

24:54 it right so you know if it's popular or

24:55 whatnot and right the more popular

24:57 whatever has chances of it actually

25:00 you can also so yeah what what's what

25:04 are the what are the big things people

25:06 are asking for you can sort that list

25:09 based on the number of feedback lights

25:12 oh really so you can see what the most

25:14 popular thing is it's right so and then

25:17 what that means is you can now see what

25:20 are the features that are most likely to

25:23 be included in the next release because

25:26 Microsoft is using that yeah they're

25:29 looking at it and in the spring release

25:31 there have already been features that

25:34 we're sitting out there in the feedback

25:36 that now they they're listening ways

25:39 great I mean that's it's it's the

25:42 customers way of getting their voice

25:45 heard and getting the features that they

25:47 want Microsoft is actually listening

25:49 right not a lot of big companies do know

25:53 it's great to see that community

25:55 feedback no you see that and just to

25:58 know that you're not the only one

25:59 struggling with this or that others

26:00 would like it or maybe on the other hand

26:04 on the opposite right you're you're

26:06 you're asking for this go log in and

26:08 check up on it yeah wait no one else's

26:11 yeah no one else likes that

26:13 one else has feedback on that okay you a

26:15 little crazy with what you want it's

26:17 just maybe it's just you alright

26:19 so so that that's pretty cool I check in

26:23 on that periodically and see what some

26:25 of the most you know kind of that most

26:26 popular ones are yeah because it tells

26:29 me what what are the things that are

26:31 likely to maybe show up and then I

26:34 please I think what is it two months

26:36 before the actual next release which

26:38 will be in October so two months before

26:40 that Microsoft will release their

26:43 release notes which will detail what's

26:46 coming in the October release always two

26:49 months beforehand yeah so that is it for

26:52 my for my shot of you did my shot take a

26:58 swing of it well that's why I finished

27:00 my zombie dust oh nice I'm ready for

27:05 another ready for number two so alright

27:08 well start number two as we start the

27:10 next section alright alright so the next

27:15 feature section that we want to talk

27:17 about is well this is actually our

27:18 featured spotlight section is directions

27:21 there was actually a recent Direction's

27:24 conference in Las Vegas I had a lot of

27:27 attendees a lot of good information and

27:31 solution systems we had a couple people

27:33 attend and they brought back some

27:35 interesting tidbits yeah yeah so the

27:40 first one I know of is that the attend

27:41 the attendant attendee count was over

27:44 905 Plus which I believe is their

27:48 highest ever for directions I bet it is

27:51 yeah yep it's pretty uh just a lot yeah

27:55 I'm gonna I'm gonna crack myself another

28:00 yeah so yeah so you've been to it

28:05 directions I have right yeah where was

28:07 that

28:08 where was that help Arizona Arizona

28:10 Arizona yeah was that right outside of

28:13 Phoenix downtown or was it at all

28:15 Biltmore

28:15 no I was a cowboy or something saloon it

28:20 wasn't in downtown

28:21 went for the actual cat together we had

28:24 to be bussed in the Phoenix downtown so

28:27 it was built more Resort no no it was

28:31 okay something saloon nice place though

28:35 it was actually called saloon yeah well

28:36 something saloon unless I must have

28:38 missed that one I was at the first

28:40 Direction partner so directions I don't

28:43 know if everyone knows this so back in

28:47 2000 I'm gonna guess 2004 there was

28:52 there was really no get-together for

28:55 Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners to get

28:59 together and collaborate and talk right

29:03 and and get together with is B and you

29:07 know app vendors and things like that so

29:09 a group came up with this conference the

29:12 very first one was in Stone Mountain

29:13 Georgia South Side of Atlanta yeah and

29:17 so I attended that one and I was seeing

29:21 a so for so there have been probably

29:22 about 15 directions conferences 16

29:25 whatever it is I've been to about a

29:28 dozen of them Wow so I've missed a few

29:30 the first one how many people would you

29:33 say attended - you know it was more it

29:36 was like a few hundred yeah yeah more

29:39 than I would have expected yeah it was a

29:40 couple hundred people it's probably

29:43 there and then most of them over the

29:46 years you know it's funny there's

29:49 probably four to six hundred you know

29:53 probably around five hundred people six

29:55 hundred people but it's it's it's great

29:57 it's a great community mm-hmm you see

30:00 the same people every time you go you

30:04 can see the same sort of the same people

30:05 in each session that you go to right

30:07 right and and and it really creates a

30:11 good community

30:12 and I think that the Dynamics NAV

30:14 community and our business central