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Microsoft Bookings - The Hidden Gem of Office 365

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Whether you are a startup company or an established organization, having an online appointment scheduler such as Microsoft Bookings accessible from your website and integrated with your Microsoft Office 365 Outlook client is a must have.

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What is the Microsoft Bookings Office 365 app?

The Microsoft Bookings app is a free tool included within the Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium subscription. This free app allows you to create a landing page where customers and prospects can select different services and book an appointment or schedule a time for a call.

Microsoft Bookings is completely integrated with your Microsoft Outlook app so there’s no need to ever worry about a double booking and because of the automated reminders sent to your customer or prospect you will decrease no-shows.

How to use the Microsoft Bookings App

Setting up the Microsoft Bookings app was relatively simple. You can configure such things as:

  • Buffer time – This is the amount of time you want to give yourself before and after a booking in case it runs long or you need setup time before the next

  • Landing Page Color Theme

  • Who can access the setup page

  • Which staff members you want customers or prospects to be able to choose between

  • Your available free times

  • What services you want visitors to choose from

Once these settings are configured you are left with a Microsoft Bookings page such as this:

This page can then either be embedded into your website or directly linked to. As you can see from our Microsoft Bookings page we use it to schedule calls for services related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI, Office 365, etc.

Does Microsoft Office 365 have an online appointment scheduling tool included in the subscription pricing? Yes, Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium includes Microsoft Bookings within it’s subscription.

What happens when someone books a time in Microsoft Bookings?

Once a customer selects a service, selects a staff member, selects a time, and enters their information they automatically get a confirmation email that includes a calendar invite for the time scheduled. The staff member that was chose gets an email notification detailing time of call, service chosen, and the person’s name. Microsoft Bookings also automatically adds this booking to the staff person’s Outlook calendar (wonderful feature!)

So to sum this up, the staff members really do nothing besides make themselves available at the times booked and that makes everyone happy.

Want to know more about Microsoft Office 365 and/or Microsoft Bookings? Use our Microsoft Bookings page to schedule a time for us to call you. Schedule Here


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Hanna N
Hanna N
Oct 28, 2022

Yes, I agree, it is very effective and organizes work very well. Office Technology recommended this tool to me a long time ago. By the way, if you want to know more about the smart organization of your workspace, I recommend contacting this company.

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