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Infographic: The Speed of Business is Accelerating

The beginning of COVID in 2020 brought big changes to the business world and the speed at which we do business was and is still affected greatly. At first, things really began to slow down because of mandates imposed by governments. Organizations were left scrambling to figure out a way to stay in business while not being allowed to have employees in the office. How did they survive and what did they do? They turned to technology for help. Cloud software products such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), and Microsoft Teams, became hot commodities if organizations wanted to survive. These software products helped organizations begin the transition into a more digital remote business world.

Fast forward to 2022 and we see that most of these organizations which adopted a more digital way of doing business not only survived but thrived. As certain organizations began thriving their competitors took notice, followed the same blue-print and began to thrive as well. With so many organizations being highly efficient and employees having software at the touch of their fingertips from anywhere in the world competition began to increase which resulted in the speed of business is accelerating globally.

The Speed of Business is Accelerating. Are you agile enough to keep up?

Solution Systems, a Microsoft Gold Partner, has collaborated with Microsoft to bring you the following infographic to better understand the speed of which business is changing and how you can adapt better.

The speed of business is accelerating

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Jul 29, 2023

This infographic from solsyst perfectly illustrates how rapidly the speed of business is accelerating in today's digital era. The emphasis on data-driven decision-making, automation, and the ever-increasing need for efficient IT systems underscores the necessity of reliable and expert IT support. This is where managed IT services such as those provided by Da-Com come into the picture. Da-Com caters to businesses looking to outsource their IT support and maintenance, offering a solution that ensures your technology infrastructure keeps pace with this fast-moving business landscape.

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