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Imprint Enterprises Maximizes Efficiency with Business Central

barcode and RFID hardware, supplies, software, and service case study

Imprint Enterprises, a leader in barcode, RFID, and mobility solutions, has been providing exceptional service and support to clients since 1975. Facing complex operational needs, Imprint required a reliable ERP system and ongoing IT support. Solution Systems, Inc. (SSI), with over a decade of partnership with Imprint, stepped in to offer expertise in Business Central, responsive support, and managed IT services. Imprint’s President, Bob Conti, praises SSI for their efficiency and responsiveness, highlighting their role in upgrading to Microsoft Business Central Cloud. The partnership continues to thrive, driving growth for both companies.

About Solution Systems, Inc.

Solution Systems, Inc. is a leading Microsoft partner and technology solutions provider, specializing in technology consulting and support services customized for small and mid-market businesses. Our leading ERP practice provides unmatched expertise for Business Central Implementations and Business Central support.


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