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How to Turn Off Business Central Teaching Tips

How to turn off Business Central Teaching Tips

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Teaching Tips are intended to improve the user experience by offering insightful questions and valuable hints. For various reasons, some users might decide to disable them. This article will answer frequently asked questions about Business Central and show you how to turn off Teaching Tips.

How to Turn Off Business Central's Teaching Tips

For the Administrators:

1. Go to the User Settings page.

Business Central User Settings Page

2. Select a user's profile and toggle off the "Teaching Tips" feature.

Business Central Individual User Settings Page

For End Users:

1. Select Settings.

My Settings in Business Central

2. Locate and turn off the Teaching Tips option.

Turn off Teaching Tips in Business Central

3. Restart Business Central.

Each user must follow these steps to switch off Teaching Tips successfully. If you don't, you might keep getting prompts.

To summarize, the user experience can be significantly impacted by comprehending and managing Teaching Tips in Business Central. Users may optimize the effectiveness of this potent ERP solution by following the procedures listed above.

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