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How to add a call in number to Microsoft Teams for free

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Out of the box Microsoft Teams does not include a Microsoft Voice subscription which greatly hampers who can join your meeting. Why does it hamper your meeting? Well, if the attendee is not able to join by computer and needs to call into the meeting there is no number provided. What do you do? Here's a free workaround that may help you.

People working in an office

Sign Up for a free account at and Download the Desktop Version is a free conference call tool that gives you a dedicated phone number and pin. Once you sign up to begin a conference call all you have to is share your dial in number and access code with the person you want to join your call. They will be placed into a waiting room until you sign in by dialing the same number and entering your Host Pin. Once you do this the meeting will begin. It's very simple and has worked flawlessly over the past few years.

Create a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Now that you have your account setup and ready to go, next you'll have to create a meeting within Microsoft Teams. Just like before, go into Teams, select New Meeting, and enter your information. The only thing I want you to do differently than your other created meetings is to enter your phone number and access code into the description. For example:

Microsoft Teams

This will then send a meeting invite like this:

Microsoft Outlook

Start the Meeting

When you are ready to begin the meeting sign into Microsoft Teams and begin the meeting as your normally would. Then sign into your account, select Host Meeting on the right hand side, and then click the big green button that says Host Online Meeting. This will launch the desktop application, select Join With Computer Audio, and your meeting should begin. All that's left is to conduct the meeting.

Free Conference Calls

Want to use Microsoft Teams free for 6 months? Reach out to us here.

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