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Get your Outlook Tasks into Microsoft Teams in less than 2 minutes

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Hopefully you've been using Microsoft Teams for many months now and have found it to not only be a wonderful collaboration tool but also a great productivity tool. When it comes to productivity with any software it can always be better and this article is going to focus on extending Teams productivity abilities by connecting your Outlook tasks with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Outlook Tasks

If you're anything like me, my Outlook tasks play a big part in my daily work activities. Anytime I can add these tasks to a software that I'm using is a win in my book as it instantly increases my productivity levels because I'm not wasting time switching in and out of different apps.

When I read that Outlook tasks could be imported into Teams I immediately questioned how because I went through all the settings in Teams at least twice over the past 6 months to see if this was an option. It turns out it is an option, a really easy option, and to get this option you have to install the Planner app. Let's take a look at the install steps and some of the features that come with the Planner app.

Install the Planner App into Microsoft Teams

Step 1: Click the ellipsis, search for Planner, and select it.

Microsoft Teams Outlook Tasks

Step 2: Select Add. This will automatically link your Outlook tasks with Teams.

Microsoft Teams Planner App

Step 3: Pin the Planner app to your side navigation by right clicking it and selecting pin.

Planner App Features in Microsoft Teams

Once the planner app is installed you can see your Tasks, Important Tasks, Planned Tasks, and Tasks Assigned to you. If you click the ellipsis next to your task you have the option of updating the progress to completed or not started, setting the priority to important or medium, selecting a due date, moving the task, and deleting the task.

At the bottom of the Planner page you can create a New List or Plan that can be created in My Tasks for in your Team Groups. At the top of the Planner page you have the option to show All Active Tasks or All Completed Tasks. You can also select Filter and filter by keyword, date, late, today, tomorrow, t his week, next week, future, no date, with due date, or by priority.

All-in-all it's a great idea to integrate Outlook Tasks into Microsoft Teams.

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05 Σεπ 2023

Once the tasks have been uploaded is there a way to assign it to someone on your team?

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