First Look: Business Central Integration with Microsoft Teams

What is the Integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Teams?

According to Microsoft, you can make decisions faster as a team by bringing business data into Microsoft Teams, the hub for collaboration in Microsoft 365. In other words, increase your productivity by not having to switch between apps as often because Teams now has a Business Central app that you can install to experience certain integrations.

The install was fairly easy and the integrations are pretty nice. Here's is how to get started by installing the app.

How-to Install the Business Central app in Microsoft Teams

Step 1: Search for and select the Business Central App in Teams.

Searching for the Business Central app in Microsoft Teams.

Step 2: Select Add.

Adding the Business Central App to Microsoft Teams

Step 3: Read the Getting Started pop-up, sign in to Business Central with your browsers and open the card you'd like to share. Copy the link and paste it into a Microsoft Teams conversation.

Sign into Business Central in Microsoft Teams

Copy the Business Central link to add to Microsoft Teams.

Paste the Business Central link into Microsoft Teams

Step 4: Sign In. I wouldn't recommend selecting the Consent on behalf of your organization box unless this fits within your job role at your organization.

Sign into Business Central app from inside Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Business Central and Microsoft Teams consent on behalf of your organization.

Successful Business Central app sign in within Microsoft Teams

To get this desired outcome in the picture above I did have to paste the link 4 times before it worked as it should.

Business Central and Teams Integration Functions and Features

According to Microsoft, you can share, view, and act on your business data with the Business Central and Teams integration.

Simply send a message to anyone in your organization with the address url from a Business Central Card Page and Teams will automatically display that information. For this example I've chosen to use an item card page link.

Business Central and Microsoft Teams integration features and functionality.

Whoever is in that conversation will have the ability to see Details and use the Pop out feature. The Pop out feature when selected will open this page in your Business Central environment. The Details feature, which could have also been called the Pop out feature, pops out your integrated Business Central item card that allows you to view and edit details about that item.

Anything that you would think should be editable is. Everything from being able to add comments to attachments to editing the item journal.

Microsoft Teams' Business Central Details pop up card page integration

Thoughts and Opinions on the Business Central and Microsoft Teams Integration

Integrating Business Central with Microsoft Teams is a great idea but it's in it's early stages. Just as with everything else Microsoft I fully expect this feature to evolve and ultimately end up working somewhere along the same lines as the integration between Business Central and Outlook does.


  • Integration. Something is better than nothing.

  • Ability to share Business Central card pages.

  • Details pop up feature is nice because you're not leaving Teams.

  • Ability to make changes to Business Central card pages from Teams

  • Integration works within the Teams mobile apps

Microsoft Teams and Business Central integration works in the Teams mobile app.


  • Integration. Would like to see more.

  • Cannot have an interactive experience unless it's with a Business Central Card Page.

  • Switching Business Central accounts in Teams. I'm able to sign out but when I choose to sign back in it keeps logging me right in with no option to choose a different account. This may very well be user error so I'll keep trying and see what happens.

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