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Ep 61| A Shot of Business Central and A Beer | Multi-Company Functionality

Updated: Jun 18

Welcome to episode 61 of “A Shot of Business Central and A Beer,” where Business Central enthusiasts and beer lovers unite for an exciting blend of tech insights and brew discussions. In this episode, we’re diving into the latest Business Central news and exploring multi-company functionality. Plus, we’ve got sizzling updates on Microsoft AI chips that you won’t want to miss. So, grab your beer mugs and let’s take a ride through the world of Business Central!

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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Podcast Show Notes

Beer we're drinking

Shot of Business Central (News)

Now Available: Business Central developer Certification (MB-820)

If you pass the associated MB-800 and MB-820 exams you’ll meet your Advanced Skilling Criteria for Solution Partner Designation.


2024 Release Wave 2 Investment Areas

Business Central 2024 Release Wave 2 Investment Areas

Which feature does Michael think is the most important? Create orders from Chat under Generative AI.


New Built-In Power BI Reports for Business Central

From Microsoft: In October 2024, the Microsoft product team behind Dynamics 365 Business Central is introducing a new feature that includes built-in Power BI reports for several key areas: finance, sales, purchase, inventory, projects, and manufacturing.

From May – October 2024, Microsoft is actively seeking Business Central online customers who are interested in trying out these new reports in their environments. The reports are fully functional and supported. During the Private Preview phase, we are particularly interested in gathering feedback on various aspects, including industry-specific usage, multi-language capabilities, and data sizes.

Sign up here:


AI Snack Time

Buzz Words to keep an eye on

The Edge: Formally referred to as the Intelligent Edge. Edge computing allows devices in remote locations to process data at the "edge" of the network, either by the device or a local server.

  • Because of security concerns I think we’re going to be hearing more and more of this buzzword.

  • Also, allows some AI processing to happen right on your computer (An Edge tool).


Microsoft unveils new Copilot+PCs featuring advanced AI capabilities

  • New Advanced AI Processors able to compute 40+ trillion operations per second.

  • Has Recall (AKA Photographic Memory). The device can log all user activities—from web browsing to voice chats and store this data locally. For example, you can ask Copilot to find a picture with a brown purse or pull up things from a road trip you took in Italy.

    • It’s not just a keyword search. It’s semantic search (logic based).

    • Is it creepy that Microsoft is taking screenshots of everything I do? No. This is why it can only be done on The Edge. According to Satya Nadella, “You have to put two things together. This is my computer, this is my Recall, and it’s all being done locally.”

  • AI Sketching: Put in a text prompt and it will generate your text into a sketch.

  • Live captions that can translate languages in real time during any type of chat.

  • You can drop a picture into Copilot and say tell me more about it and it can.

  • You can have a natural language conversation within an app.

    • For example, a father was in the MineCraft game, chatting with Copilot and Copilot recognized the game, the scenario he was in, and told him what to do.

      • WOW!


Video Summary of Release Event:

Satya Nadella interview with Wall Street Journal:



New AI Tools Directory

AI Parabellum is a premier AI Tools Directory that brings together developers, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field of artificial intelligence. Their mission is to serve as the ultimate resource for discovering, assessing, and interacting with the industry's most innovative and effective AI tools.


Well, you’ve reached the end of another episode of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer podcast. Connect with us at and on all major social media channels. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you always know when the latest episode is available.

See you next month!


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