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Customer Success Story: Triangle Package Machinery Company

Updated: Jun 24

Business Central Customer Story (Case Study)

Embarking on Digital Transformation at Triangle Package Machinery Company

How It Started: 

In a testament to innovation, Triangle Package Machinery Company transitioned from a decades-old green-screen system to the dynamic world of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Despite 20 years of accustomed green-screen use, the adoption of Dynamic NAV was seamless, avoiding the operational disruptions faced during previous transitions.

As a leading packaging equipment manufacturer, Triangle Package Machinery Company, under the leadership of Information Technology Manager James Gio, sought a solution to increase productivity, correct inefficiencies, and empower employees within the NAV system. Despite initial considerations for Infor ERP, Jim's foresight, rooted in Microsoft's wide support and integration capabilities, led the company to explore Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

With Solution Systems, Inc. as their chosen partner, Triangle Package Machinery Company found a collaborative extension of their team rather than just a consulting group. The decision to go with NAV was solidified by its widespread support, intuitive interface, and feature-rich capabilities.

Where It Went: 

Under the guidance of James Gio, now the Director of Management and Information Systems, the journey continued from Dynamics NAV 2016 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central version 14. Triangle's diverse product line, including vertical form fill sealers and cutting-edge bagging machines, posed challenges in managing new machine sales, service, and aftermarket parts.

The transition to Business Central addressed visibility gaps, particularly in administrative costs and project management. The Projects module (formerly Jobs module) became a linchpin in identifying and managing these costs, providing end-to-end visibility from order placement to production and project reviews.

Embracing a hybrid approach with on-premise hosting and private cloud integration, Triangle adapted to Business Central's advanced functionality. This not only reduced the need for customizations but also enhanced employee productivity.

In the podcast below, Jim Gio dives deeper into why they made the transition to Business Central as well as discusses the software's features and functionality.

Where It's At: 

Having progressed from Business Central Version 14 to Version 21 with private Azure cloud hosting, Triangle Package Machinery Company executed a meticulous hybrid upgrade. This approach retained standard base data, fostering adaptability to Business Central's advanced features without carrying over unnecessary customizations.

Choosing the upgrade path over reimplementation, Triangle not only optimized existing processes but also revisited overlooked enhancements. This upgrade serves as a strategic move towards a full cloud environment, aiming to minimize infrastructure dependence and facilitate automatic upgrades.

Where It's Going: 

The forward trajectory for Triangle Package Machinery Company involves the next phase of upgrading to Business Central Cloud. This visionary step aligns with the company's pursuit of streamlined operations, reduced infrastructure reliance, and automatic upgrades. The evolving Dynamics journey at Triangle continues to redefine the company's approach, emphasizing continual growth and technological excellence in the packaging industry.

Listen below to Jim Gio chat about Business Central, his thoughts on the cloud, and what the future holds for Triangle's Business Central journey.


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