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Business Central Units of Measure Explained

Units of Measure

Measurements are an integral component of any inventory management system. They enable businesses to measure and track inventory meaningfully and operationally pertinently. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a customizable, all-encompassing system of units of measure.

In Business Central, units of measure define how inventory is measured and monitored. They can measure the product's quantity, weight, volume, or tangible characteristics. Units of measure can also be utilized to convert between units of measure. This is especially helpful when purchasing inventory from suppliers or selling merchandise to consumers who may use a different unit of measure.

Business Central offers several predefined units of measure that can be used immediately. These include standard units like each, a dozen, and a case, as well as weight and volume units like pounds, kilograms, liters, and gallons. Additionally, users can construct their own custom units of measure to meet their particular needs.

Business Central makes it straightforward to create custom units of measure. Users can define the unit of measure's name, abbreviation, measurement type, and a conversion factor to the base unit of measure. If a user wanted to construct a custom unit of measure for water bottles, for instance, they could define the name as "bottle," the abbreviation as "bt," the type of measurement as "each," and the conversion factor as "1 bottle = 0.5 liters." This would enable them to monitor inventory in terms of water bottles, as well as convert the quantity to liters if necessary.

Business Central allows users to track inventory in the most pertinent units to their operations by assigning units of measure to each item. A user could, for instance, designate the custom unit of measure "bottle" to one SKU of water bottles and the standard unit of measure "case" to another SKU of water bottles. This would enable the user to monitor the inventory of both cases and bottles and convert between the two units as necessary.

Business Central's units of measure provide an adaptable, comprehensive system for measuring and tracking inventory that can be tailored to the requirements of any organization. By utilizing units of measure, businesses can ensure that stock is tracked in a meaningful and relevant manner and can readily convert between units of measure as necessary.

Start tracking your inventory in a way that makes sense for your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central's customizable units of measure. Contact us today!


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