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Business Central: Base Apps vs Attachment Apps. What's the difference & how much money can you save?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

What is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central base app and an attachment app? Which app is what? At first thought you might think whichever app you've already purchased is your base app and anything added to that is your attached app. You'd also be wrong if you thought this. Here's how it works.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Attachment Apps

What is a Dynamics 365 base app?

A base app is always the more expensive app and it can have the less priced app attached to it for a discounted price. For example, let's assume you need Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Field Service. By looking at the image below we can see that Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise has a base SKU and so does Field Service. However, we know that Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise costs more than Dynamics 365 Field Service so Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise will be the base app and Field Service will be the attached app.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Base and Attach Apps breakdown.

Is Business Central a base app or attach app?

Business Central is always considered a base app. You cannot attach Business Central to any other Microsoft base app. Therefore, any app that costs more than Business Central will not be able to be attached to Business Central because Microsoft has also clearly stated that the more expensive app will always have to be the base app.

Which apps attach to Business Central?

Currently there are only two apps that attach to Business Central and they are Dynamics 365 Sales Professional and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional.

What is the price for attach apps for Business Central?

Before an organization can qualify to purchase an attachment app they must first have purchased 10 normal priced licenses. For example, you have 15 Business Central licenses and you want to add 15 Dynamics 365 Sales Professional licenses. The first 10 Sales Professional licenses are regular priced and each license after the first 10 are the attached price of $20.

Yes, this can get confusing but rest assured we are here to help. If you have any questions or would like to purchase an attached app for your Dynamics 365 base app schedule a time for us to call you here.


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