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Announcing Smart Comments App for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Smart Comments app for Business Central

Smart Comments for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central by Solution Systems extends the standard Customer Comments and Vendor Comments functionality to allow for selected comment records to be displayed as Smart Notifications to the user during the creation of documents.

Key Benefits

  • Improve customer service by notifying the customer service team on key information related to the customer's ordering preferences. .

  • Increase sales by advising customer service on optimal order quantities, shipping options, or add-on services often chosen by the customer.

  • Reduce freight costs by alerting the purchasing team to minimum free freight requirements or other preferred shipping options.


"This is a very powerful addition to the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central app due to its potential positive impact on your bottom line, yet its design and deployment is simple and fast."

- Ken Sebahar, President, Solution Systems, Inc.


How does it work?

1. User selects which comments are notifications

Business Central Comments Notifications

2. Comments are displayed as Smart Notifications

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Comments

3. Where the user can view the detailed comments

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Comment Sheet

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3 commentaires

brayden t
brayden t
19 mai 2023

I am thrilled to come across the Smart Comments app for Dynamics 365 Business Central on your website. The app's features seem impressive, and I believe it will greatly enhance collaboration and communication within the platform. The user-friendly interface and integration capabilities make it a valuable tool for businesses. I look forward to trying out the app and exploring its benefits. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource with us!

En réponse à

You are very welcome! We hope you are enjoying the free app.


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