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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer | Thanksgiving Special | Ep 55

Welcome, business enthusiasts and beer lovers, to a special edition of "Shot of Business Central and a Beer" – Episode 55: The Thanksgiving Special! As we gather around the virtual table, it's time to blend the best of both worlds: the latest updates from the business realm and the comforting warmth of a well-deserved beer. In this episode, we're serving up a hearty dose of Business Central news, ensuring you stay in the loop with the latest developments. But that's not all – we're also raising our glasses to gratitude with a countdown of the top 5 things our team is thankful for in the business landscape. So, grab your favorite brew, settle in, and toast to the perfect blend of business insights and Thanksgiving cheer!

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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Podcast Show Notes

Beer we're drinking

What we’re drinking A&W Root Beer

Root Beer History

Root beer as we know it has been around since the 19th Century, when Philadelphia pharmacist Charles Elmer Hires stumbled upon a recipe for an extraordinary-tasting herbal tea while honeymooning in New Jersey. With the encouragement of his friend Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple University, Hires concocted a formula for a carbonated drink that would be more appealing to the masses. Hires showcased his new beverage at the 1876 Centennial International Exhibition in Philadelphia (via ThoughtCo). From that moment forward, root beer became a legend and a standalone soda category. And expectedly so, several followed in his footsteps.

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Latest Business Central News

1 Platform

49 Application

Feature Changes

· With Business Central virtual tables, your apps, flows, and pages built using Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Pages on Power Platform can easily interact with Business Central physical tables. Synthetic relations can be created between native Dataverse tables and Business Central virtual tables, allowing related data to be presented together on Power Apps and Power Pages.

· AI helps you create marketing text

· Copilot reduces bookkeeping effort through improved transaction matching and natural language explanation of any proposed matches.

· The previous design was not extensible because the primary key in that table cannot be changed without introducing a breaking change across partner solutions and localizations.

· This refactoring makes the posting process for sales, purchase, and service transactions extensible.

· You can now choose which tables to include or exclude from the cloud migration, as long as the table is accessible by AL code and not marked as internal or on-premises only.

· When there’s an error, Business Central shows a small validation dialog to inform you. We’ve added actions on validation dialogs that take you to the problem so you can fix it, or have Business Central fix it for you when possible.


AnalysisModeEnabled property is now supported on pages of type Worksheet

· Instead of running reports using different options and filters, you can simply add multiple tabs that represent different tasks or views on the data.

Directions EMEA Update

Business Foundation Layer introduced. Sits between the Base Application and System Application.

· Horizontal ERP related functionality, used by ALL or NONE of the application domains.

· Built as modules (same principle as system application)

· Business Foundation will note localized (localizations, if any, will be done through extensibility)

· Developed with zero warnings and zero debt.

· Tables will be moved in a non-breaking way.

· Business Foundations:

  • Address Management

  • Currency Management

  • No. Series Management

  • Comment Management

  • Standard Text Management

  • Location Management

  • Company Info Management

  • UoM Management

  • Business Unit Management

  • Source Code Management

  • Reason Code Management

  • Accounting Period Management

  • Dimension Management

2024 Release Wave 1 – Teaser


· More out of the box reports

· Improved Report Explorer

· Developers can create Analysis views

· Analysis Model “Peek”

· Sustainability Journals

Supply Chain

· Field Service Integration

Generative AI

· Bank Reconciliation Assist GA

· Chat with Copilot

· Dev Tools for Copilot

· And more!

Microsoft 365 Integration

· Improved discoverability and usability with AI

Geographic Expansion

· Additional Countries

User Experience

· Add a field

· Drag and drop multiple files

Power Platform

· Power BI dashboards for core ERP

· Intelligent Power Automate workflows and approvals

· More data and business events exposed

Efficient Development

· Drag and Drop API for AL

· No friction in testing app dependencies


· More granular access to environments

· Advanced data privacy: CMK and Lockbox

· Auditing in M365

Business Central by the numbers

99.98% Global service uptime in the last quarter.

172% ROI over 3 years

71k average in Savings

18% increase in Productivity on average


Well, you’ve reached the end of another episode of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer podcast. Connect with us at and on all major social media channels. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you always know when the latest episode is available.

See you next month!


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