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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer - Quarantine Special

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

A Shot of Business Central and A Beer podcast


Welcome to a Shot of Business Central and A Beer, our monthly podcast where Ken and Michael review a different beer and help you learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This month's episode is a little bit different than past episodes because it's the first episode where Ken and Michael are not physically in the same room due to Illinois having given the order to shelter-in-home. Ken and Michael used Microsoft Teams to record this podcast, which by the way is sponsoring this episode, to prove that with creativity and Microsoft Teams many forms of collaboration are possible. This episode will also be a bit different because Michael and Ken don't focus squarely on Business Central. They'll share some productivity tools used for working remotely, give you their thoughts on the Coronavirus Pandemic, and breakdown Microsoft Teams. What about updates on Business Central? No need to panic they'll also bring you the latest Business Central news review a featured app.

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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Show Notes

Segment 1: Intro and Beer Review

Ken's Choice:

Spotted Cow, by New Glarus (New Glarus, WI)

New Glarus (approximately 30 Miles southwest of Madison, WI)

New Glarus is a village in Green County, Wisconsin, United States at the intersection of Wisconsin Highways 69 and 39. It has a population of 2,172 according to the 2010 census. Since 2000 it has had a population growth of 2.9 percent. The village, and the town that surrounds it, were named after the canton of Glarus in eastern Switzerland. The community was founded in 1845 by immigrants from that canton and was incorporated in 1901.

Rating: 85

"He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. he who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist."

- St. Francis of Assisi

Deborah Carey is the Founder and President of the New Glarus Brewing Company.

(1993) - she raised the capital for the start-up as a gift to her husband, establishing her as the first woman to found and operate a brewery in the United States.


The New Glarus Brewing Company produces six beers that are available year round and seasonals to complement annual holidays.

New Glarus Brewing Company Year Round Beers

Michael's Choice:

The beer I chose this month is hands down one of my favorites. It’s a pale lager and given the current Coronavirus Pandemic situation it only seemed fitting to choose this beer. I’m drinking a Corona Extra with a lime.

To me, a Corona beer is refreshing, crisp, and reminds me of summer days.

From the Corona Website: With a refreshing, smooth taste balanced between heavier European imports and lighter domestic beer, Corona is an even-keeled cerveza with fruity-honey aromas and a touch of malt. The flavor is crisp, clean and well balanced between hops and malt, a superior taste profile from superior ingredients.

My Rating: 94.

I’m frankly shocked by how terrible the review is on Beer Advocate. I understand it’s not some fancy-shmancy craft beer but some of these reviews are just plain disrespectful. Here’s some examples:

  • Overall: just like Heineken and Budweiser this is overrated over advertised over hyped mediocre beer.

  • Generic, cheap, mass-produced Mexican lager. As a beer, it’s terrible. The obligatory sliver of lime offers an improvement.

  • Overall As stated, Its a Party Beer. No flavor, No Balance, No Character. You just drink it and don’t think about it. If you get a buzz...that would be the highlight of your day.

Segment 2: Productivity Tools to Help Work From Home

Segment 3: Coronavirus Thoughts

Anyone doing something to help others is doing a good thing and we commend you and want to say thank you. Whether you’re a nurse, a doctor, a grocery store employee, a restaurant worker or a person in a technological field, such as us, who help keep businesses that are deemed essential operating to the best of their capacity you all deserve to go to bed tonight knowing that you are a big part of the backbone of humanity.

A little glimmer of hope

  • China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital. Not enough new cases to support them.

  • Researchers of Erasmus Medical Center claim to have found an antibody against coronavirus.

  • Abbot has just revealed a test that provides COVID-19 results in as little as 5 minutes.

  • A 103 year old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for 6 days in Wuhan, China.

  • Apple has reopened all 42 China stores.

  • A Cleveland Clinic can now test for coronavirus that causes COVID-19, shrinking the turnaround time for getting results to hours rather than days.

  • John Hopkins, Johnson & Johnson, and others are currently developing vaccines.

  • The world is getting a little bit of a breather. There’s a reduction in pollution and in Venice, Italy the canals are clear and fish and dolphins have reappeared for the first time in decades.

Segment 4: A Shot of Business Central

Update 15.3

Confirm that update 15.3.40074.40822 was deployed on/around March 11, 2020, and review what key changes were included.

Feature Changes o View Your Reference and External Document No. on sales documents o Skip empty lines in the Account Schedule report  New Checkbox “Skip Empty Lines” on the Account Schedule Report request page. o MICR fonts available in Business Central online  In update 15.3, we will add fonts for MICR (E13-B and CMC-7) and Security fonts for checks to the Business Central production and sandbox environments.  This means that any custom layouts using MICR and security fonts will work.  We have licensed the font packages provided by IDAutomation Inc. o New events to unblock printer extensions in Business Central online  Using SetupPrinters, a developer can insert possible printers to be used in the printer selection page for reports (in the printer virtual table). Each printer can be given a display name as well as a specification of properties such as duplex, number of copies, color, and paper trays. In a paper tray, properties, such as PaperSourceKind, PaperKind, and landscape can be set.  Using OnDocumentPrintReady, a developer can react on reports being printed and use information in the printer virtual table to send the document to a printer. o Bookmarking a report  See Update 15.4 o Sign-in attempt telemetry in Application Insights for partners  The Business Central server will emit telemetry about sign-in attempts (successful or failed). For failed attempts, the reason will be logged in the message as well.  After a successful authorization to Business Central, the server will also emit telemetry about the Open Company operation (successful or failed). For failed authorization to a company, the reason will also be logged in the message.  Partners can set up and use Application Insights to monitor when users experience sign-in issues (for example, because of missing permissions) and proactively help their customers without the need to contact Microsoft support.

• Hotfixes o o 3 Platform fixes, 81 Application fixes (across all modules) o Multiple hotfixes for Importing GL Budgets. • Good to Know o Changes to Browser Cookie Policy Avoid disruption by following these steps to prepare for tighter security policies starting February 2020 in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. For more information, see Preparing Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central for Upcoming Changes to Browser Cookie Policy.  These updates can potentially affect users' ability to connect to Business Central or Dynamics NAV in one or more of the following situations: • When using the Dynamics NAV/BC Outlook Add-In. • Dynamics NAV/BC as a SharePoint app. • Dynamics NAV/BC is using Azure Active Directory authentication. • Dynamics NAV/BC is embedded in an iframe as part of another web site.  For Chrome and Edge browsers, to prevent disruption, you must upgrade the platform for your version of Dynamics NAV or Business Central to an update listed in the following table, or a later update. (See versions on link above) o Using Internet Explorer  From Update 15.3 onwards, users who access Business Central from Internet Explorer will receive a notification suggesting they consider a different browser. Users who switch to a modern browser, such as Microsoft Edge, typically observe improved performance and a generally smoother experience. Learn more about our supported and recommended browsers for Business Central on premises and online.  Microsoft-speak translator: Don’t use IE – you will have problems and we will not be addressing them. o To support partners who are interested in monetizing the app they have published to AppSource, update 15.3 comes with new options. These options allow partners to understand number, type and state of Business Central licenses in the current tenant as well as number of allocated seats. That data enables the partner to implement user-based billing into their apps. To learn more, see Azure AD Licensing.

Update 15.4

Confirm that update 15.4.41023.41345 was deployed on/around March 26, 2020, and review what key changes were included:

• Feature Change: Bookmarking a Report o o Similar to other UI personalization, bookmarks roam with you no matter which device you sign in to.

• Hotfixes o Platform fixes (7), 35 Application fixes o o Noteworthy fix:  The Rapid Start Validate Package process is extremely slow when you import a small amount of data into the table from a spreadsheet. o North American localization issue:  "Sales line already exists... " error message is displayed when you sort on a column other than the Line No. field and continue to enter new sales lines in the North American version.

  • Build numbers: Application Build 41201 and Platform Build 41152

  • 5 Platform hotfixes

  • 16 Application hotfixes

  • Multiple local hotfixes

  • Build numbers: Application Build 14.11.41204 and Platform Build 14.11.41143

  • 6 Platform hotfixes

  • 22 Application hotfixes

  • Multiple local hotfixes

Dynamics 365 for IT professionals

  • Microsoft has launched a learning series for IT professionals. If you have a background in IT, software architecture, data, or cyber security, it helps to know the foundational components, the administrator options available, and the underlying architecture that Dynamics 365 is built on.

  • Watch the Dynamics 365 for IT professionals into video

The intro video gives you an explanation of the Dynamics 365 components, underlying architecture, and the possible integrations with your existing data, apps, and business processes. Whether you're looking to adopt business applications or have existing CRM and/or ERP systems in house, or maybe you're using cloud-based services or both, this is an overview of Microsoft's business application platform in the cloud. You'll get answers to top-of-mind questions regarding data governance, security, compliance, and on how data and process integration works.

Segment 5 - Featured Spotlight: Microsoft Teams - What is it and what's in it?

618 Apps as of 3/24/2020

  • 230 have rating of 1 star or higher

  • 217 have rating of 2 stars or higher

  • 212 have rating of 3 stars or higher

  • 196 have rating of 4 stars or higher

  • That means that 388 have not yet been rated by any users

We need the community to provide ratings to help separate the “wheat from the chaff”.

What is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that helps your team stay organized and have conversations all in one place. Here at Solution Systems we feel that this is one of the most important apps out there right now, because it will help you work from home during the Coronavirus quarantine period that is upon us. Because of the power of this app and the times that we are currently in, we’ve partnered with Microsoft to bring you 6 free months of Microsoft Teams. Reach out to us at 847-590-3000 or by email at to get started.

Out of the box Teams comes with 6 sections: the Teams section, the Calendar section, the Activity section, the Chat section, the Calls section, and the Files section. Each section serves a different purpose to help you collaborate with your colleagues.

Segment 6 - Featured App: Multi-Entity Management, by Binary Stream Software

  • Eliminates the need to have multiple “Companies” in BC to produce separate set of financial statements (most importantly Balance Sheet) for multiple legal entities.

  • Demo’d this product for a prospect recently – very powerful and beneficial where same GL Accounts, Customers, and Vendors are shared but still need separate financials.

  • Uses “Global Dimension 1” as the “Entity” to track entities and creates due to/from entries automatically when posting GL entries across multiple entities.


Thanks everyone for listening.

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