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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer | Episode 41

Hey everyone, welcome to Episode 41 of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer! Today Ken and Michael have the privilege of welcoming Ryan Sullivan to the podcast. Ryan is a developer who is part of the Solution Systems implementation team. Ryan specializes in integrations, web services, and power apps.

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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Podcast Show Notes

What we're drinking


  • New England IPA

  • 6.8% Alcohol

  • 65 IBU

  • Flavors: M-43 is designed to accentuate the deep and complex character from the combination of Calypso, Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo hops. Citrus and Tropical notes of Pineapple, Mango, and Grapefruit come through in the huge, yet surprisingly delicate aroma.

  • Mouthfeel: A soft, pillowy mouthfeel.

  • Interesting: The Haze is not from yeast, but rather from an interplay of lipids from the malted oat and oils and acids which naturally occur in the hand-selected Dry hops.

  • Ranked 159 in New England IPA Category

  • Ranked 541 overall

  • Score of 97

  • Average Review is 4.39 out of 5

  • Funny Reviews

    • JDUBWA412 rates this a 5 out of 5 and says it’s “So Good.”

    • Brian D from Illinois rates this a 4.18 out of 5 and says it’s “Complex and Crushable.”

Shot of Business Central (Latest News)

Lots of Hotfixes

Two Feature Changes

We don’t know much about it and I don’t expect much to change, but I hoping that Vista Equity Partners is able to fix some of the issues that are associated with companies that grow exponentially in a short time like Avalara. Primarily, there support department.

Business Central Office Hours


Well, you’ve reached the end of another episode of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer podcast. Connect with us at and on all major social media channels. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you always know when the latest episode is available.

See you next month!


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