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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer | Episode 35

Hey everyone! Ken and Michael back for Episode 35 of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer. The one and only podcast made to help users like you achieve Business Central greatness, and learn a little bit about beer in the process. Today we’ve got the latest Business Central news, we’ll be discussing the software’s default and mandatory fields logic and we’re taking a look at some apps that extend the functionality of these default and mandatory fields.

Podcast Segments

0:00 Podcast Opening

0:25 Intro and Beer Choice

7:17 Business Central News

23:11 2022 Release Wave 2 Feature Overview

1:15:03 1099 Toolkit App Review

1:21:44 Thank you for listening!

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A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Podcast Show Notes

This Episodes Alcohol Choice

Ken Rating: 90

Michael Rating: 80

Business Central News

· As usual, a bunch of hotfixes.

Feature Changes

Localization Updates

Partner Sandboxes

  • Feature is now available.

  • Licenses must be requested here.

  • 2 Types of licenses

    • Partner Sandbox license

      • Must have a minimum of 5 licenses.

      • The license gives users access to a full production environment plus 3 sandbox environments.

  • Partner Premium Sandbox license includes all the Business Central premium features

User Groups and Forums

Business Central Fields

  • Different Pages have different fields

  • Editable fields will require you to type or choose a value.

    • Examples

      • Date picker

      • Dropdown

      • Switch or Checkbox

      • Asist Edit

  • To modify the field, you can click with your mouse or use the Tab key.

  • There are many keyboard shortcuts to help with data entry.

  • Use Quick Entry to input data quickly

    • You can switch to the next field by using the Tab key. With Quick Entry you can use the Enter key to navigate through only the fields you want.

    • Quick Entry can be customized by personalizing your workspace and telling Business Central with fields are to be included with Quick Entry or excluded from Quick Entry.

    • Learn more about Quick Entry.

Business Central Mandatory fields: Fields marked with a red asterisk.

  • Each page will have different default mandatory fields.

  • Red asterisk does not mean that you cannot fill in other fields first or close the page. It means that you will not be able to complete a process without these fields being populated.

  • Examples of mandatory fields:

    • Name field

    • Address field

    • Description field

Mandatory Field Setup enables you to setup, that certain fields on records in a table must be specified but also gives you the possibility to setup an action based on a condition.

  • Pricing

    • Free

  • Setup

    • Simple Install and very well laid out User Guide.

      • Go to Assisted Setup page and click Setup Mandatory Fields

    • Example

      • On the Mandatory Fields Setup List I made the Home Page field required.

      • When I go to the customer card and change the language code from ENZ to ENU and then exit the page I get this error message because the home page field is blank:

      • I click Ok and assume the changes I made were not saved but they were saved.


Well, you’ve reached the end of another episode of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer podcast. Connect with us at and on all major social media channels. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you always know when the latest episode is available.

See you next month!


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