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[Podcast] A Shot of Business Central and A Beer - Episode 3

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

A Shot of Business Central and A Beer podcast

Hey Business Central Fans! This episode of A Shot of Business Central and A Beer Podcast is brought to you by the Solution Systems Support Department where we have full support divisions dedicated to providing unprecedented levels of support for all versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 Sales, Office 365, Power BI, Azure, and a whole lot more. If you’re looking for support visit Solution Systems at

In today’s podcast we’ve got some breaking news regarding the October 2019 release of Business Central that we want to talk about and we’ll be reviewing Leinenkugel beer. Also, our listenership is growing and as you know we’re working hard to continually improve this podcast. This week we’re going to introduce a contents section in the beginning of each podcast. In the contents section we’ll tell you the name and exact time that each section starts. This way you save time by only listen to what you want to listen to.

Contents Section

  • Beer Review: 1 minute 28 seconds

  • A Shot of Business Central: 17 minutes 22 seconds

  • Business Central Features: 28 minutes 26 seconds

  • Business Central Feature Spotlight: 36 minutes 19 seconds

  • Business Central Featured App: 43 minutes 25 seconds

You can also listen to us at:

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Show Notes

Segment 1 – Beer

  • Founded in 1867 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin by Jacob Leinenkugel

  • 6 Generations of Leinenkugel’s have been running company

  • Leinenkugel Beer did not enter the Chicago market until the 4th generation of Leinenkugel’s

  • German inspired brewing knowledge – family is from Germany

  • What is a Shandy Beer? - The shandy was first introduced by Franz Kugler after a bicycle race in Munich in 1922. His tavern was overrun with thirsty cyclists, so he cut his beer with lemonade and soda so they didn’t run out.

  • What is a craft beer? They would like us to establish some guidelines.

Beer Reviews

  • Leinenkugel’s Cherry Blonde Lager – A lager brewed with natural cherry flavor, Pours a copper color with a white foam head, Aroma is cherry but not too overpowering, Crisp finish – Medicinal taste? Rating: Michael - 50

  • Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy - Pours a hazy orange and golden color with a small white foam head, Aroma has subtle hints of oranges, Typical Shandy: Beer/Soda mix, Crisp finish, not too filling, decent summer beer. Pairs with: Balsamic Chicken Salad, Coconut Shrimp, Southern-style BBQ, and Angel Cake. Rating: Ken - 75

  • Summer Shandy - Leinenkugel’s take on Franz Kugler’s original Munich tavern tradition. In 2012, Summer Shandy won a Silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the Fruit Wheat Beer category. Pairs with: BBQ chicken, fruit salads, watermelon and freshly caught, grilled fish. Ratings: Michael - 84, Ken - 90

Stump Ken question from Episode 1:

  • If a customer database gets corrupted due to back processing, etc. can they request a backup from Microsoft? Yes, under exceptional cases, Microsoft has the ability to revert back to a previous backup/copy of a client’s BC database. Any data since that point of last backup would be lost. Nightly? Intra-day backup available perhaps. New feature in the Fall 2019 release, customer can request a backup copy of their database.

Segment 2 – A Shot of Business Central with Ken Sebahar

What’s New in Business Central October 2019 Overview

  • Document available on “2019 release wave 2” on the Solution Systems web-site along with the podcast notes (as well as on the Microsoft web site).

  • PDF can be found here:

  • Business Central updates start on page 168 of 350

  • Key Dates: June 10 – Release Plans available, August 2 – Early Access available, October 1 – General Availability

  • Key Development Pillars for this release: Focus on the Service: performance, reliability, supportability, and security. Modern Client: improvements, and discontinuation of the Windows Client. Modern Developer Tools: Improvements, and discontinuation of the classic C/Side Development Environment. Empower ISV Acceleration: streamline the path to move ISV solutions to the cloud. Customer Migration Tools: improvements to the migration tools used to move existing NAV, GP, and SL customers to Business Central online.

  • Types of Enhancements (Count): Application Enhancements (3): Carry Line Descriptions to G/L Entries. Application Lifecycle Management (5): Download a database backup file. Migrations to BC Online (1): Improvements to data replication tooling. Modern Client (15): Add Notes and Links to data. Modern Developer Tools (8): Base application delivered as AL applications. Empower ISV Acceleration (1): Design solution for extensibility (modules). Service Fundamentals (5): Lock-free Number Series.

Segment 3 – Business Central Features:

Favorite new features of the upcoming 2019 Release Wave 2


  • Add links to your navigation menu - Bookmark a link to any page in Business Central, and add the link to the navigation menu of your Home page.

  • Ability to download a database backup file - In the Business Central Administration Center, tenant administrators can create and download a database backup for each environment for that tenant. Why are they doing this? Certain countries require that businesses have access to their data files. Which is required by their law.

  • Switch between companies in your Business Inbox in Outlook - Many businesses use multiple companies in Business Central, and users also want to be able to switch between companies in their Business Inbox in Outlook. With the ability to quickly switch company, users save time and feel more productive.


Application: Carry the line Descriptions to the G/L Entries

  • Lifecycle Mgmt - Primary: new option to report production outage in the BC Admin Center. For Partners to use. Answer questions, prioritize situation appropriately

  • Alternative: request backup of database from Microsoft - Import it into a local database. Country requirements that require that businesses be able to have access to the data files.

Modern Client:

  • Customize a profile without writing code - Saving/personalizing List Views. Personalize Role Center/pages for a group of users (previously called Configuration in NAV). Filtering option fields by multiple values. Adjusting the width of columns is easier. Add Notes and Links to data.

Modern Developer Tools:

  • Base Application delivered as AL applications (no developer environment) - This is the most newsworthy. Service Fundamentals. New support request for partners for their BC clients

Segment 4 – Business Central Feature Spotlight

Open and Edit in Excel

  • Open in Excel vs Edit in Excel - Opens your filtered Business Central data in Excel. You can edit the info in Excel but you cannot publish this info back into Business Central. You can only save this information as a file on your computer.

  • Edit in Excel - Does not respect filters set in Business Central so all available records will be shown. With Edit in Excel you can view your information just as with the Open in Excel Feature but the main difference is that you can edit the information in Excel and publish it back into Business Central. Requires O365

Stump Ken Question

  • Is there an option with the Edit in Excel feature to narrow down the amount of fields shown? No.

Segment 5 – Featured Business Central Apps: Clever Document Links

  • Drag and Drop capability - For files, emails, images, spreadsheets, or drawings

  • Example, let’s say you want to attach a PDF of a signed quote you received from the customer. Just drag and drop it on the Sales Order.

  • Great for archiving and organizing your files.

  • Installed and in-use within 5 minutes

  • Save to Database or SharePoint (setup/configuration)

  • Available on most pages, but not every page

  • Likely better usability than the “Links” feature coming soon with Business Central

  • Pricing – trial in Sandbox (or Production) for not charge.

Closing Statement

  • Thanks for listening everyone and just like last week let us know what you like, didn’t like or want to see going forward. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast.

Do you have some questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Let us know below!


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