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5 Steps You Need to Take Before Purchasing A Business Central App

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

You’re searching on google to find a way to help with a small Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central inefficiency you’re experiencing and as luck would have it you stumble across a website with an app that seems perfect. You check the price and it’s not really expensive. You ask yourself, “Can this really be?” You read a bit more about the app, decide to purchase it but only to find out during installation that this app’s version does not work with your current version of Business Central. How were you supposed to know this? Here’s 5 steps that will help avoid making mistakes like this in the future when purchasing an app for Business Central.


1. Talk with your Microsoft Partner

Tell your Microsoft Partner what pain you are experiencing that is causing you to investigate different apps. It’s possible you may not even need an app. Business Central might already have the functionality that you need, but if not, your Microsoft Partner can make recommendations on what apps they believe can help you.

Microsoft Partners and especially Gold Microsoft ERP Partners, have worked with numerous amounts of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that have designed apps and extensions for Business Central.

How do I find and purchase Business Central Apps? Microsoft AppSource provides Dynamics 365 Business Central apps and extensions that are available as a free trial or for purchase.

2. Make sure the app you like is listed on Microsoft AppSource

Go to Microsoft AppSource and search for the app you are interested in. Most, not all but most reputable ISVs that have created apps are going to be listed on AppSource.

3. Research the app provider (ISV)

  • How long have they been in business?

  • What does your Microsoft Partner know about them?

  • Google the organization and see what others are saying about them.

  • Check out their website. Does it appear to be modern and up to date?

  • Do they offer other apps?

4. Explore different apps

Go to Microsoft AppSource and use it again to explore different apps. Ask your partner and do internet searches as well.

5. Use Google

Google the app(s) that you like and see if there are more videos, a dedicated website, or if others are commenting or reviewing the app. If the ISV offers other apps make sure to google them as well.

Do you have a question regarding an app or maybe just need some help finding an app? Use our online scheduler and schedule a time for us to call you.


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