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5 of the Biggest Dynamics NAV Headaches We've Ever Seen

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a powerhouse legacy on-premise ERP software that during it's heyday (2000-2018) was cutting edge technology used by hundreds of thousands of people. Now, with the introduction of NAV's more technologically advanced big brother Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud, we're able to look back and pin point some of NAV's biggest issues. In this post, we'll provide 5 headaches of Dynamics NAV that have been corrected with cloud software.

Dynamics NAV support

1.) Server Restarts

There are times when you have to restart your server to fix certain issues with Dynamics NAV. Having to restart a server that hosts other software such as your email can be a real headache if it needs to be done during business hours.

2.) Failed Backups

Imagine something happening that causes a major problem and you need to revert to a backup copy of your NAV software. No big deal right? Only this time you find out that your backups haven't been working as scheduled. Now your major problem has become a catastrophic problem.

3.) Updates and Upgrades

Lately your Dynamics NAV software has developed some issues that can be fixed through a update or upgrade. However, your hardware can't support the latest version of NAV and it's going to cost a boat-load of money you don't have to upgrade your hardware.

4.) Upgrade Costs

Upgrading on-premise Dynamics NAV involves many hours of work and many many hours of work if your software has a lot of customizations.

5.) Integration Difficulties

Integrating different software (even "like-minded" software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales) can be timely, costly, and difficult to make work.

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