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5 Microsoft Teams Features You Should Be Using

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration app that is continually improving upon it's platform to make it even more effective for organizations just like yours. Are you taking advantage of constant updates by using all the features that come with them? Most likely not because there's so many! Here's 5 Teams features you should be using.

Instant Messaging
Microsoft teams new features

Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

We all know the more your hands don't have to leave the keyboard the more you can accomplish. To help with this, Microsoft has developed some Teams shortcuts which can be accessed by pressing the Control key and the Period key together.

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Bookmark A Message in Teams

After using Teams for a while you may discover that you have quite a few messages. What happens when you want to locate something that was said about a month ago or even a year ago? Do you have to scroll back through all of your entire conversations? If you didn't use the bookmarking feature in Teams you may just have to. Watch the short video below to see how to bookmark a message in Teams and save yourself from a future headache.

The Teams Search Bar is Also a Command Bar

If you type / into the Teams search bar a list of commands will show allowing you to access more functionality quickly.

Microsoft Teams Commands

Teams Email Addresses

This feature is particularly helpful to people who are in a lot of different Teams and Channels / Breakout Groups. Once you've got that particular groups email address you can simply send an email to that group and it will post your message within that group. How do you get a group's email address? Click the ellipsis (three dots) next to the group and select Get email address.

Microsoft Teams Channel and Breakout Group

Adding Teams Apps as Tabs

Microsoft Teams, just as with other Microsoft business software, has the capability to extend its functionality by installing different apps. These apps can also be installed as a tab allowing quick access for that group. Here's a short video showing how easy it is to add an app to a team's tab.


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