How do you benefit from CPQ software?

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How do you benefit from configure, price, and quote (CPQ) software.
1. Reduce errors

With e-Con CPQ, incorrect product combinations and prices simply don’t enter the equation. e-Con’s business rules engine ensures that data entered once helps produce accurate products, bills of materials, routings, costing and prices. By helping companies eliminate errors and manual re-entry of data, e-Con CPQ enhances accuracy and productivity. 

2. Improve quote response time

Quickly generate quotes for even the most complex products and services. e-Con CPQ offers a guided sales questionnaire that enables any salesperson to create a rich proposal in a matter of minutes. Dynamically generate rich documents, including spec sheets, quote to order, and terms of delivery, in the format your client prefers: Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, PDF, or HTML.

3. Streamline your Dynamics 365 quote-to-production process

Creating complex quotes takes minutes. And with a few clicks or taps, you can convert a quote into a production- or fulfilment-ready order. e-Con CPQ ensures that orders automatically include all required production information, such as BOMs, routings, and other documentation. There’s virtually no effort or time needed for order processing. Instead, it’s a jump-start for production.

4. Increase efficiency

Efficiency and reducing waste starts with accurately capturing customer requirements and converting them into correct product/service specifications. e-Con  CPQ can reduce risk of product and price errors, help ensure high quality goods and/or services, and improve delivery reliability. 

5. Store expertise and knowledge

Easily build a consistent knowledge base. For example, with just a few days of training, employees without an IT background can learn how to build, deploy, and maintain configuration models. After they’ve been deployed, these models become the source of subject matter expertise across the enterprise, eliminating critical risks to business continuity that can occur with human-based knowledge centers.

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