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Getting started with Microsoft Power BI: 4 must see videos

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Microsoft Power BI is a phenomenal tool for running reports and an even better tool for seeing visualizations of those reports. With Power BI you will be able to wrangle huge amounts of data into useful information and transform the way you share data. The below 4 videos will help you pick up tips on getting started and connecting to data sources, learn how to begin generating insights, creating amazing presentations to make yourself stand out, and how to sign up to use Power BI for free.

Upload a file from your computer

Getting started with the Power BI desktop

Create a report in the Power BI desktop

Use Q&A to ask questions about your data

Power BI is available free for you to use now. Follow the link below and enter your work email to get Power BI and start creating your own data visualizations right away.

Get started with Microsoft Power BI for free!

Want more Power BI? Download our white paper that covers the advanced analytic capabilities of Power BI, including predictive analytics, data visualizations, R integration, and data analysis expressions. Click here

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