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Make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV in 2018

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics Enhancement Plan

Did you know that if your organization currently owns Microsoft Dynamics NAV software you may have access to additional service benefits that you most likely didn't remember existed.

When companies buy Microsoft Dynamics NAV, they frequently sign up for the annual maintenance plan, officially called an Enhancement Plan. While new users still figuring out the system may take a quick look at the learning tools available, most quickly get back into the routine of work and forget to take advantage of these extra features.

That’s a shame because your Enhancement Plan offers a host of resources to help you make the most of your current Dynamics product, whether you’ve been a user for one month or five years.

As a refresher, here’s a glance at some of the many benefits you receive from your annual Microsoft Enhancement Plan:

  • New version rights, system updates and hotfixes to keep your solution up-to-date

  • Self-directed support for easy access to expert information and troubleshooting steps

  • Unlimited access to e-learning, training materials and access to certifications

  • Access to the Microsoft Dynamics community to connect with peers and experts

  • Protected list price for future service plan renewals, price stability and investment protection

If you’re already paying for it, you might as well start using it, right? Login to your CustomerSource today to start taking advantage of these benefits and make the most of your accounting software.

If you are a Dynamics NAV user who does not currently have access to these features, call us at 847-590-3000 for more information on adding an Enhancement Plan to your account.

You can also download this Microsoft Dynamics pdf that contains more information regarding the benefits of being on the Enhancement Plan.

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