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[Podcast] How to get the most value out of your ERP software

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

S2E3 Two Guys, Coffee & Business

Getting the most value out of your ERP software

Michael and Tom are talking ERP and getting more value from your current software.

Show Notes

  • Invest in Ongoing Software Training – Organizations think that once the initial training is complete they won’t have to worry about it anymore.

  • Our training facilities

  • Online University

  • Choose a software that is continually investing in themselves and developing their product.

  • You can purchase a less expensive software but what happens if that product is axed or the company goes under? You’ll have no support, training, or even updates to continue using the software.

  • Microsoft – continues to update their software, wants to make users more productive by reducing the time needed to switch between apps, is heavily invested in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and much more!

  • Leverage the software’s mobile capabilities.

  • Tablet

  • Phone

  • Don’t be fooled by a software that is industry specific.

  • Your business is going to continually evolve if you are growing. Having a software that has the capabilities of customization is a big plus in my eyes. Nobody’s business is exactly like yours so why should your business software not be specific to what it is you do?

  • Plan for added expenditures during implementation.

  • More training may be required

  • Your work schedule and times may change

  • You may discover you need added customizations

  • Involve actual end-users in the research process

  • Get feedback from the people who will mostly use the system

  • Find out their likes and dislikes

  • Decommission legacy applications

  • Running two business management software parallel with each other is 99.9% of the time a disaster. There will always be data not entered correctly, accounting will have a nightmare making sure everything balances…it just makes everything a lot more difficult for everyone.

  • Establish a great relationship with your ERP vendor/partner.

  • This is vital. We as partners want to help you and help your organizational processes improve.

  • Make sure your software is current

  • Just like in your phone installing updates fixes known issues and adds new features.

  • Especially if you have extensions, add-ons, or integration added to your software. Just because it’s working perfectly now doesn’t mean that one of the many moving parts won’t change something and throw everything out of whack.

  • If you have a Microsoft ERP software stay current on your enhancement plan

  • ​You receive price protection for certain things

  • You’re able to add new users and features

  • You can upgrade when you want to upgrade without having to pay back fees, penalties, etc.

Have you done anything to gain added value from your ERP software? Let us know in the comments below!

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