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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Drop Ship Sales Order

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

The below Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central shows you the steps needed to take to drop ship a Sales Order.


YouTube Transcript:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Using drop shipments. 00:06 In this video we're going to explore the process for 00:09 creating a drop shipment in Dynamics 365 Business Central. 00:12 A drop shipment is when a vendor ships a product 00:16 directly to our customer. 00:17 The process flow is that we create a sales order 00:20 and then link it to a purchase order. 00:23 We'll start by creating a basic sales order. 00:31 We'll just specify the customer and then move on to the sales lines, 00:34 where we'll choose the item we're selling. 00:46 On the sales line, we'll select the Drop Shipment checkbox. 00:50 Now, the Drop Shipment column is not available by default, 00:53 so we'll need to personalize the page to add the column. 00:57 To start personalizing the page, we'll choose the Settings icon, 01:00 and then choose Personalize. 01:05 We'll choose the Lines fast tab to select that area, 01:07 and then click +Field to open the Add Field to Page pane. 01:17 We'll find the Drop Shipment boolean, and then drag it 01:19 to the position we want to display it on the line. 01:27 Let's choose Done to exit personalization. 01:32 Now that the sales order is ready, 01:34 we need to create the purchase order. 01:41 We'll create a new purchase order, but we won't create 01:43 any purchase lines. 01:54 On the Shipping and Payment fast tab, we'll change the 01:57 Ship-to field to "Customer Address" and then choose the customer. 02:10 Now that we've defined the customer, we'll choose Actions - 02:17 Functions - Drop Shipment - Get Sales Order. 02:28 We'll choose the sales order we created from the sales orders list. 02:36 This creates a new Purchase Line from the sales line. 02:46 If we want to check the purchase order from the Sales Line, 02:52 we can choose the line we're drop shipping and then 02:55 choose Order - Drop Shipment - Purchase Order. 03:02 To post the drop shipment, we can either post 03:05 the sales order or receive the purchase order. 03:08 The purchase order cannot be invoiced until the sales order 03:10 is posted. 03:23 We can now invoice the purchase order. 03:42 Thanks for watching. English

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