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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 - What's New


Setup & Extensions

In terms of Setup everything has been put into one place. No more having to go to different role centers to find certain functionality setup.

Customer Benefits

  • A single place for settings

  • The new Setup & Extensions page provides a single place for accessing various setup and settings

  • Assisted setup

  • Commonly required configuration tasks have assisted setup (wizards), which aid in the process. All of these can now be accessed in one place.

  • Manual setup

  • All detailed settings pages are available in the manual setup list

  • Sub lists allow for filtering to settings within an area, such as Finance or Inventory

  • The list entries have descriptions, an area and keywords, all are searchable.

  • Service connections and extensions

  • Service connections, such as OCR, SMTP, currency exchange services, CRM connection etc can also be managed from the Setup & Extensions page

  • Finally, extensions are listed as well, to allow adding and configuring extensions.

NAV 2018 - What's New - Setup & Extensions

User Tasks

Each role center contains a user task cue which allows you to distribute and assign tasks to anyone in the company.

  • User Task Setup

  • System wide tasks

  • Assign to any user

  • Track due date

  • Recurrence available

  • User Tak Lists

  • Role Center

  • Pending User Task cue added to all roles

  • Utility

  • Bulk-delete completed user tasks

NAV 2018 - What's New - User Tasks

Employee Ledger Entries

You can now have entries on an employee. This means that you can within a journal post directly to an employee, apply and unapply payments, and there's an even payment suggestion report that will suggest which employees to pay. This is all setup with posting groups.

Customer Benefits

  • Journal support

  • Create journal entries directly for employees. There is no longer a need to create vendors for employees.

  • Only LCY supported

  • Employee posting group

  • Define the default posting group (account) used for an employee on the employee card

  • Payments

  • Make payments to the employee in Payments Journal

  • You can apply payments to open employee entries in one go, linking the payment to the employee journal entry and closing both

  • Correct mistakes with unapply payments

  • Payment suggestion

  • Like with vendors, get a list of all outstanding employee payments.

NAV 2018 - What's New - Employee Ledger Entries

Image Analyzer

NAV is now able to use cognitive services to allow pictures taken from a contact person to attach to a contact person it can detect a person's age and/gender. On items where you have to specify a category or an attribute it will analyze the picture and suggest what it is so typing is limited.

Customer Benefits

  • Contact Persons

  • While attaching images to the contact card, automatically detect a person's age and gender.

  • Items

  • Identify category and attributes of an item from a picture including: type and color.

NAV 2018 - What's New - Image Analyzer

Asking if you want to enable the Image Analyzer

NAV 2018 - What's New - Image Analyzer

And this is how it looks once the image is analyzed and fields are populated.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Integration

Already had Sales Integration but it has been improved upon.

  • Assisted Setup

  • Synchronize your data across the two apps, including sales orders, item availability, units of measure, and currencies

  • Connection setup guide now includes coupling of salespersons to users of Dynamics 365 for Sales

  • Synchronization

  • Run full synchronization when the connection has been set up. The synchronization runs in the background so that the user can continue working.

  • Productivity

  • When creating sales or purchase documents, the default salesperson/purchaser code is specified for your user account.

  • Set default chances of success in sales cycle stages in opportunity management

  • Send a sales quote to a contact without having to create them as customers first.

  • Efficiency

  • Sales orders from Dynamics 365 for Sales with write-in products transferred to Dynamics NAV

  • Sales orders from Dynamics 365 Sales can be automatically converted to sales orders in Dynamics NAV without manual intervention.

Sync Vendors to OCR

  • Sync vendors

  • Get access to detailed vendor data in Kofax Invoice Capture Service (ICS).

  • Whenever a new invoice is trained in Kofax ICS, the proper vendor name can be assigned, ensuring naming consistency between the systems.

  • Improved OCR quality

  • Kofax ICS can use the vendor names to better detect an invoice from a vendor the first time.

  • Triggered on changes

  • Whenever a vendor is changed, it will update Kofax ICS if sync is enabled.

  • Control data share

  • Out of the box, sync is not enabled, so that nothing is sent without consent.

  • It must be enabled in the OCR Service Setup

Additional Improvements

  • Item Charges - distribute by volume and weight

  • Direct Transfer orders. You no longer need to use an in-transit location.

  • Update name based on VAT number in EU

  • Mater data addresses for customers and vendors can be updated from sales and purchase documents

  • Show help search results along with in-product search

  • Intercompany: Automation of IC Outbox and IC Inbox

  • Bulk Invoicing - Select More

  • Posting Groups - Suggestion of accounts

  • Print G/L Register report with "Show details" options which will print descriptions for related posted document lines.

  • New reports: Received, Not Invoiced Purchase Orders and Shipped, not Invoiced Sales Orders

  • Check printing - 3 checks per page

  • Payroll import - QuickBooks

Flow, Power BI and Office

Microsoft Flow Embed Experience

  • Embedded

  • Offers pure embed experience - create, edit and manage your Flows from within Dynamics NAV.

  • Connect

  • ​Connect using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV connector

  • Connect and monitor Dynamics NAV or non Dynamics NAV data

  • Manage & Monitor

  • ​Easy to manage approvals

  • Monitor, notify and update data automatically.

  • Environment

  • ​Select the Flow environment you want to work with

NAV 2018 - What's New - Microsoft Flow Embed Experience

Power BI Reporting

NAV 2018 - What's New - Power BI Reporting

Create Contact Interactions in Outlook

Customer Benefits

  • Templates

  • Use NAV templates to create emails in Outlook.

  • Interaction Tracking

  • Track the interactions on the NAV contact record.

NAV 2018 - What's New - Create Contact Interactions in Outlook

Preconfigured Excel Reports

NAV 2018 - What's New - Preconfigured Excel Reports

Edit in Excel for Journal Pages

  • Journal Pages

  • Edit in Excel is added to many journal pages in NAV

  • Update Data in NAV

  • Create, edit, and publish journals to NAV from Excel

NAV 2018 - What's New - Edit in Excel for Journal Pages

Session Refresh

Old Way: Change company requires restart of client or new login

New Way: No need to login again. Session is refreshed for the user

Company Displayname

NAV 2018 - What's New - Company Display Name

Report Preview

  • Everywhere

  • ​All supported browsers

  • All supported mobile platforms

  • Embedded

  • ​Directly in the client

  • No need to download and install viewer apps

  • Interactive

  • ​Toolbar

  • Mouse, keyboard

  • Select, copy text

  • Hyperlinks

  • Modern

  • ​Innovative opportunities going forward

  • Discoverability

  • ​With the new Power BI reporting control, you can gain awareness of your Power BI reports by making them visible from within the most highly-used lists in Dynamics NAV.

  • Interact and filter the reports by simply selecting records from the associated list page.

  • Contact Packs

  • ​Updated content packs for NAV 2018 to support latest power BI functionality.

  • Direct navigation to Power BI content packs available to the general public.

  • Easy Setup

  • ​All necessary connection information available in a single page.

  • Updated Connector

  • ​New Microsoft Dynamics NAV Power BI connector

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